WonderWorks unveils new STEM exhibit explaining Earth’s spheres

WonderWorks Orlando has announced the opening of a new science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) exhibition.

The new subject of the exhibition will focus on the layers of the Earth’s spheres.

“Earth is a topic that most people love to learn more about, so we’re excited about this new exhibit,” said Brian Wayne, Managing Director of WonderWorks Orlando. “This will give families a fun way to learn more about this STEM topic, whether it’s just for fun or if they’re looking for a way to expand their child’s formal education.”

The new exhibit will help teach people about the four different layers of Earth’s spheres, including the lithosphere (or geosphere), hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. In addition to learning about each layer, the exhibit also explains how the four layers interact with each other. The new exhibit will include images and content to read, there is also a high-definition 3D hologram video, without special glasses, and provides a visual explanation of the layers and their interaction, to enhance the experience.

STEM education, according to the National Inventors Hall of Fame, focuses on teaching children real-world applications that help develop a variety of skill sets. Some of the skills that children learn through STEM education include technological literacy, problem solving, creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, and innovation. Finding ways to introduce them to STEM topics in a fun way can help them become more interested in them.

“We look forward to helping families learn more about the spheres that make up the Earth,” Wayne added. “We are continuing our mission to make learning fun!”

To choose the name for the new poll, WonderWorks ran a poll asking people to choose from three names. Employees and social media users weighed in, with the following results being the result of the exhibition name survey: Sphere we go! is the new official name of the exhibition.

Additional onsite and community programs include the WonderWorks WonderKids event, virtual learning labs, FLO-Art Florida Youth Art Gallery, science fair partnerships, online science information and worksheets, and a homeschool program. WonderWorks Orlando also offers various STEM activities, including virtual learning labs, on-site exhibits, activities and more.

To learn more about the programs offered at WonderWorks Orlando, visit: https://www.wonderworksonline.com/orlando.

Due to a county-wide mask restriction in Orlando, guests will be required to bring one with them. WonderWorks also has them for sale on site. WonderWorks has implemented COVID-19 safety protocols, including reduced capacity and hours, improved cleaning efforts, social distancing measures, hand sanitizing stations, employee health exams, and cleaning equipment. personal protection (PPE). Customers are encouraged to review all safety regulations prior to their visit to the COVID-19 webpage https://www.wonderworksonline.com/orlando/covid-19.

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