“Without this atmosphere, nobody would talk about it”, Ange Postecoglou on Glasgow Derby

Angel Postecoglouspeaking at today’s press conference ahead of tomorrow night’s vital Premiership game against Aberdeen at Pittodrie, recalled last Wednesday and noted that the spectacle of the night as well as the game itself justified the decision to push the game from January 2 – where it would have been played in front of just 500 fans – until February 2 when 60,000 Celtic supporters created a world-class atmosphere that inspired his players and even himself.

Indeed, as you reflect on how such a great atmosphere was created last Wednesday night, you begin to better understand why the rangers really wanted the game to be played in front of just 500 fans.

A shower of Covid opportunists, so they are, still to win anything in front of the fans, last year they were running around clapping Ibrox blue seats…

“What I want to say after the derby is that we went through a period in the last 18 months to two years where, due to the circumstances the world is in, in terms of the pandemic, where we almost separated the game from its supporters,” the Celtic manager said today.

“And while at the beginning I think it was done for the right reasons, after a while it’s almost like we’ve forgotten that, really, the game without fans is nothing because nobody wants to watch matches in an empty stadium.

“That game the other night – obviously it was great for us and not great for (the) RangersI understand, but if it was in an empty stadium you wouldn’t have had, without that atmosphere and that special connection nobody would talk about it, whether they were Celtic fans or not.

“And that was my point – that’s what football clubs are. They’re more than just sports clubs and sometimes I think, especially when I’m listening to politicians talk or people in power, that they don’t understand the investment people have in their football club, that sometimes the mood of the whole week is judged by how their team is doing

“For some people it’s hard to conceptualize, but that’s what it means to some people. We bear that responsibility, I bear that responsibility, so I guess that’s where the essence of what I was trying to explain after the game came from.

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