What awaits you today at the Wired Next Fest dedicated to sustainable development?

Free live broadcast from 1:30 p.m. Among the guests: Maximo Ibarra, Christina Parody, Beba, Telmo Pivani and Alessia Ciarocchi

There are Weather And that Stability At the heart of the long-awaited United Nations conference cop26 To be held in early November in Glasgow, Scotland. The same issues are being discussed especially in view of the gathering of youth leaders this week. youth4climate who headed to the match Greta Thunberg. And sustainability is also the main subject that serves as a common thread for the final 6-month meeting. Wired Next Fest 2021Milf in a rich 2 days (expected from last night’s show) of which he will be the protagonist over 30 super guests Italians and internationals gathered to discuss the search for new people balance social, political, economic, cultural and artistic.

Equilibria, in fact, is the theme that forms the backdrop for the entire edition of this year’s biggest Italian festival dedicated to innovation and technology, which kicked off in April and is already dedicated to gaming, to social innovation, to the next generation and has dealt with the topics of life. . today and tomorrow we talk instead Stability, starting by realizing how much it represents the keystone of the world of tomorrow. an approach to reconstruction post-pandemic society which focuses not only on tackling the climate crisis, but also on the new social organization on a human scale and aEconomy In harmony with the environment as much as possible.

Appointment is for this afternoon, Friday October 1, Starting from 1:30 p.m. and up to 7:30 p.m. By the way, broadcast live all digital and non-stop. you can follow online broadcast directly above this page, or at the scene of the incident. And all the meetings will also be broadcast and broadcast on social networks wired: Facebook, instagram, linkedin, Twitter i youtube.

Today’s event at Wired Next Fest – Sustainability

place chosen forI wired Following Party This year, including the phases of today and tomorrow, is Gerolamo Theater Reopening by: Milan Italy wired In April, it is a physical phase where musicians, scientists, writers, journalists, politicians, researchers, songwriters, anthropologists, entrepreneurs, managers and activists alternate.

A long afternoon of confrontation and demonstration is about to begin troupe of dancers and influencers urban theory, pay attention to the discipline of Pause through the creation of geometric shapes, which will join the conversation with the president and founder of Stardust Simone giacomini. And soon after, one of the most anticipated guests will take the stage: Maximo Ibarra, boss of digital transformation working group within the G20, which will focus on the great Responsibility of digital technologies Breaking down barriers to entry into the economy and the world of work, starting with literacy training for people. Indeed, 60% of global GDP will already depend on these technologies by 2022, according to the World Economic Forum.

As always, there will be plenty of space for science at Wired Next Fest. Start with free will and bi-directional collision genetics, as well as Professor and popularizer of philosophy of biological sciences at the University of Padua telmo paivani and for the Airak researcher at AUSAL-IRCCS in Reggio Emilia Alessia Ciarocchi. The starting point is a daily question for those involved in research, to understand how to fight against oncological pathology: our life, as well as the diseases that would endanger it, are already determined by our DNA. are, where chance plays a role. What lifestyle do we lead? And still oncology, Not by chance the month of October which is dedicated to breast cancer, will talk with you Alessandra genarik, AirC researcher at East Piedmont University, and with Christina Parody, which is the testimony of Airc. Every year 55,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Italy, and while it is true that five years after the diagnosis the survival rate has jumped to 87%, increasing research and awareness is the reason why the purpose of the treatment is no longer achieved. The risk cannot be taken. every woman.

From health to the environment, especially facing the problem of overfishing and ocean acidification, we will talk about the ocean and the hydrosphere with explore Alberto Luca Recchi. A visit amid the threats to the marine ecosystem, told by those who know it like no one else. Instead, the more he reads, the more he chats with influencer and video producer Il Musazi (Stefano Musazic) on Inverse correlation between number of followers and ability not to take oneself too seriously, Tra Satira and social networks.

And then lots of other music: by the singer-songwriter from Turin baby, he just closed his record and released the single Thank God Presented at Wired Next Fest in collaboration with Willie Piot, until the end of the day rakomi, one of the most interesting voices of her generation, who released the concept album this year Taxi driver, in which Each piece is a race with the artist who collaborated on his writing.

Major social and cultural issues, Italian and international, will be discussed with many other guests. activist and politician marco capato, Treasurer of the “Luca Coscioni” Association, will discuss the ongoing debate on the institution of referendums throughout our country, as well as specific cases of legal euthanasia and the legalization of cannabis. Reaffirming What Has Seen Technology As A Valuable Ally, With The Innovation Of A Signature Collection Campaign The Rights Time may have finally arrived. with the author Nadisha Uyangoda We will always talk about justice, but from another point of view: Italy is not the only country which has integration problems, but to set up a debate on these questions, and can start by hearing its voice. Who is really Italian, but not in law. and then with Sakina yakubi, Founder and Executive Director of the Afghan Institute of Learning, who will speak about the struggle of those who continue to fight for women’s rights and the future of their country, starting with the announcement that the first acts of the new regime Taliban were one of the Limit the enrollment of girls to primary schools only.

Rather, climate, sustainability and water will be at the center of Teatro Gerolamo’s meeting with climatologists Serena giacomin I Group Cap. president of alessandro russo. In fact, large companies will be the protagonists of today’s meeting: with the CEO of e-distribution Vincenzo Ranieri We will talk about the energy transition and the common challenge we face, while NS from farm to fork Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine company. will be at the center of the conversation with the CEO of Ricardo Easter. And with Areexpo. with the technical director of Sylvie Piacentini We will focus on a key awareness in terms of sustainability: today is tomorrow’s decision.

The Wired Next Fest, under the patronage of town of milan and organized in collaboration with Audi, also made possible thanks to the support of certain partners:

Key partners: e-Distribution, Mastercard, Nexi, Vodafone;

Program supporters: Arexpo, Generali Italia, Cap Group, Gorilla, Open Fiber, Pasqua Vignetti e Canteen;

Content partner: AirC Foundation;

Production: Pianobee;

Technical partner: Plesh;

Collection design guest: Rossana Orlandi Gallery.

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