‘What a year’, says outgoing mayor of Machynlleth | New

Machynlleth City Council welcomed a new mayor and deputy mayor.

At the annual general meeting on May 24, Machynlleth city council voted for the next mayor and deputy mayor.

Cllr Richie Gaskell was replaced by Cllr Tony Jones, who served as deputy mayor alongside Cllr Gaskell as mayor after being presented as the only nomination.

Cllr Jeremy Paige was elected Deputy Mayor after receiving six votes, beating Cllr Ann MacGarry who received four votes.

Cllr Gaskell said: “What a year – I had a lot of help this year and I mean a lot of help.

“I want to thank everyone; I want to thank the deputy mayor, he was brilliant. I want to thank the staff at Plas, Julie Humphreys and everyone else. I would like to thank Cllr MacGarry, without Ann I don’t know what we would have done.

“I want to thank everyone for supporting me and I hope we have a better year next year than this year.”

Incoming Mayor Cllr Tony Jones said: “This is my fourth time in this chair, it is a great privilege and honor to serve the city as well. Hope to do a better job than last time.

“Whenever I become mayor, we don’t have a clerk. But I hope we will soon.

Cllr Jones continued, “In these difficult times, I congratulate Cllr Gaskell on being a successful mayor. I congratulate Cllr Paige on being the Deputy Mayor as well.

Cllr James Honeybill added, “As an advisor, thank you also for your support for us. It means a lot.

During the AGM, the councilors decided on the composition of the colleges of the city council; the Budget Panel, the Staffing Panel, the Market Panel, the Kennels Panel, the Plas Energy Panel and the Climate Action Panel.

Councilors also decided that board representation in external groups, namely Dyfi Biosphere, One Voice Wales, Owain Glyndwr Center Management Committee, SARPA and Railway Line Committee, Shrewsbury Aberystwyth Railway Line Committee and the Patient Forum, should remain the same. .

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