Walhi calls on government to respect UNESCO’s concern over Komodo National Park

TEMPO.CO, JakartaEast Nusa Tenggara Indonesian Environment Forum (Walhi) Executive Director Umbu Wulang called on the government to respect UNESCO’s concern about the Komodo National Park development project.

UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) had previously called for the island’s tourism development project to be stopped because it potentially affected the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV).

“We call on the government to respect UNESCO’s decision, to admit errors in the development of large-scale investor-based tourism projects and to revoke all permits for large-scale natural tourism projects in the park. Komodo National, “Wulang told Tempo Tuesday August 3.

He said the government should focus on integrated and sustainable efforts to protect the island ecosystem and prioritize the green economy of the people in the development of the areas.

Walhi said he was satisfied with UNESCO’s concern and expressed his gratitude to the world organization for the protection of man and the biosphere. However, Walhi urged UNESCO to directly monitor development projects in Komodo National Park, which are still ongoing on Rinca Island.

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