Unpaid Revolving Card Consequences 3 Ways to Obtain a Loan

Unpaid revolving card

Unpaid Revolving Card Consequences 3 Ways to Obtain a Loan

Unpaid revolving card : consequences and possibilities? What happens in case of irregular payments with this type of financing? Luca, one of our clients, turned to us because he had problems with his active Agos card.

He wrote to us ” Hello, I have an unpaid revolving agos card and I have difficulty getting new financing. I would like to close the position, given that it has been reported to debt collection. The same applies to an unpaid findomestic revolving card. Can you help me? Is there a revolving card for crif ? “

Luca was able to get a new loan, not through a card, but through a loan that was changed. Thanks to this solution, he obtained new liquidity and the money he used to settle unpaid cards in excerpt. To date, there is no possibility of obtaining a revolving card for crif.

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Unpaid revolving card: consequences

Unpaid revolving card: consequences

The loan granted through a revolving card corresponds to a personal loan for all purposes, with the difference that the monthly repayment of installments allows the customer to use the reloaded credit again. Basically it is You can spend up to a maximum, but as I pay monthly my installments, a portion of these will go to the interest and a part to repay the capital. The higher the reimbursed capital, the greater my chance of spending will be.

That said, the revolving card is linked to traditional credit databases such as Crif, Experian and CTC. Failure to pay one or more installments of a revolving card entails reporting on the list of bad payers and as a result the customer will encounter many difficulties in accessing the credit world. Regularizing the back payments of a revolving card is a good thing, but reports of poor payers will remain evident for 12 or 24 months.

Paper revolving reporting Crif: immediately new liquidity.

Paper revolving reporting Crif: immediately new liquidity.

As mentioned before, for an unpaid revolving card, the reports in the database limit access to credit for customers as registered as bad payers.

There are 3 solutions, also offered by Financemm, dedicated exclusively to employees, hired on permanent contracts, and to pensioners. In fact, it will only be possible for them to apply for a new personal loan even if they are reported in Crif for non-payment of a revolving card.
These loans are

  • assignment of the fifth salary or pension, loan guaranteed by repaying installments with an installment not exceeding one fifth of the net income received.
  • delegation of payment (for employees only)
  • loan changed (only for employees of private companies)

Unpaid revolving card: I already have the assignment of the fifth in progress, how can I get new liquidity?

Vanessa writes : ” hello, I have an unpaid Compass revolving card, how can I make a new loan? I signal that I have already done a year ago the assignment of the fifth in 120 installments. Thank you “

In these cases, only if dependent, it is possible to request a second payroll loan, or the payment proxy or alternatively the changed loan.

Unpaid revolving card: can I apply for a loan with a guarantor?

No if not by assignment of the fifth or delegation of payment. The reports in the database compromise the credit profile of a customer even in the presence of a valid guarantor.


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