Tourism is Guizhou’s development trend

TONGREN, China, Sept. 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – On Mount Fanjing, clouds envelop the peaks and the clear winds of the current between the mountains. At the foot of Fanjing Mountain, hot springs spring up to nourish people’s bodies and minds. History and culture have shaped unique ancient towns and streets, telling the stories of the past.

From September 24 to 28, invited reporters from major Chinese media groups including People’s Daily, China Media Group, as well as foreign media such as PR Newswire, Polskie Radio, UK’s Culture Trip, International Daily News , Il Tempo Cina. Europa and La Voz China, in addition to representatives of chambers of commerce including those of NRW. Global Business and the Konad Adenaue Foundation will visit Guizhou and observe measures taken by tourism authorities to develop the industry throughout the province, with the ultimate goal of transforming the province into a “must see” destination for travelers around the world.

The journalists and representatives mainly visited Tongren City, Guizhou Province. After visiting Zhongnanmen Historical and Cultural Tourist Area, Wanshan District Ancient Cinnabar Town, famous Fanjing Mountain, Fairy Street Scenic Area and Fodingshan Spa Town, they were impressed by the wealthy. natural resources, the beautiful mountains and rivers of Guizhou. and an amazing culture.

Fanjing Mountain, inscribed on the World Heritage List, is located in the town of Tongren, at an altitude of 2,572 meters. The mountain, with its picturesque landscape and great biological diversity, has been placed under the protection of the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program.

Pang Jinhua, executive editor of The La Voz China, said, “Fanjing Mountain sets an example for the orderly conservation of biodiversity by combining environmental protection with economic benefits. In addition, with an increasing number of local villagers working in the tourism industry, the local industrial structure has shifted from a primary industry to a service industry. “The development of Fanjing mountain tourism and the protection of the natural ecological environment can help Tongren achieve common prosperity.” he said.

Wu Min, President and Editor-in-Chief of Il Tempo Cina Europa, said: “I I have only heard of Fanjing Mountain before, and it was not until I saw it in person that I discovered the top of Fanjing Mountain with a kind of curved beauty. “

Besides Fanjing Mountain, Tongren is home to many tourist attractions, such as the Fairy Street Scenic Area. In the Fairy Street Scenic Area, Tomasz Sajewicz of Polskie Radio said: “The glass walkway is really interesting and the team building activity should be done here.”

The glass walkway wins the Guinness World Record as the longest cantilevered glass corridor in the world.

In Wanshan District, Tongren Town, lies the ancient romantic Cinnabar Town, which was once a famous cinnabar mining area. The “State-run Clothing Store”, “Supply and Marketing Cooperative” signs on the street remind people of the early days of the People’s Republic of China.

While visiting the ancient city, Pr Newswire representative Zhang Jing said, “This is my first time here. The old city takes me back to my childhood., it is a suitable place for me and my parents to visit and recall our memories of the cherished days. I have learned a lot about the culture and history of this region and I would like to share it with the world. “

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