The world’s largest underwater eruption has spawned a massive new volcano


A study published in the journal Nature Geoscience detailed the largest ever underwater eruption that spawned a volcano the size of a skyscraper.


The study was published in Geosciences of nature end of August, and details a “New“volcano discovered off the western Indian Ocean, off Madagascar. The submarine volcano emerged from the seabed following a series of earthquakes that were detected in the region. The study has looked at data from an underwater study of the area in 2014 and compared it to a 2019 survey and found that between those two dates, a volcano reached a height of 8,465 feet below sea level.

Researchers collected geological data and discovered that this volcano draws magma from the deepest reservoirs ever recorded by scientists, about 34 miles underground. Nathalie Feuillet, marine geoscientist at the Paris Institute of Earth Physics (IPGP), University of Paris, and lead author of the study, said: “The source of the magma, the reservoir, is very deep. This is the first time in volcanology that we have seen such a deep reservoir at the base of the lithosphere.

Researchers wrote in the study that in the 2014 survey, the area was “nearly flat at about 3,300 m [10,827 feet] below sea level “, but in May 2019, there was a volcano with its summit 8,465 feet below sea level. If you want to read more about this find, check out this link here.


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