The new Melbourne site 140 meters high and 360 degrees in the clouds

Sky Bar, a new 40-storey, 140-meter high venue in Melbourne, will open the doors to its 360-degree dining experience in June.

After five years of planning and development, Yarra Hotel Group has finally set an opening date for its brand new, multi-faceted venue, Sky Bar Melbourne. Located on the 40th floor of the Oakwood Building, Sky Bar Melbourne will officially open to the public on Thursday, June 30, 2022, featuring a restaurant called Strato, wine and cocktail lounges and VIP reception areas.

The Sky Bar Melbourne will offer stunning views of Port Phillip Bay, the Yarra River, the CBD skyline and beyond. Arriving at 202 Normanby Street in Southbank, guests will ascend to Sky Bar Melbourne via a private entrance located in the lobby of the Oakwood Premier Melbourne apartment complex. Arriving on the 40th floor, guests will enter projected artwork that shines on the mirrored floor and walls.

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Developed by the team at The Sequence Group, this foyer projection is an immersive concept showcasing 16 different looping videos of Melbourne from a bird’s eye view. The entrance allows guests to experience the height of the Sky Bar as soon as they arrive on the premises, acting as a glass floor sitting above the bustling city.

To the left of the lobby is the main Sky Bar Lounge, seating up to 70 people and to the right is a five star restaurant called Strato. Above the two areas is Level 41, a dedicated catering space for special occasions, private functions and VIPs.

The Sky Bar Lounge has a 16 meter stone bar with an illuminated glass brick surround inside and also has an al fresco terrace, perfect for warmer nights, resembling the famous New York rooftops. York. With floor-to-ceiling windows seven meters high, guests will enjoy views of the city skyline while sampling aperitifs, seasonal cocktails, wines and local craft beers.


Strato, the restaurant, is romantic and modern, seating up to 60 people and offering exceptional views over Port Phillip Bay. The restaurant has its own bar, consisting of a stone worktop and a subtly lit filtered glass bottom.

In the restaurant are five concave cabins separated from the main dining room. The menu is best described as contemporary modern Australian, featuring locally sourced Victorian ingredients from places like King Island and Mount Zero and native Australian seasonal produce. The concept of the menu is based on five elements; the atmosphere (air), the hydrosphere (water), the cryosphere (ice and permafrost), the lithosphere (upper rocky layer of the Earth) and the biosphere (living things). Creative cooking techniques will bring seemingly everyday ingredients into exciting culinary creations and diners can expect a little drama in the presentation of their dishes with promises of smoke, steam, embers, levitation and nitrogen. The menu will change four times a year to reflect the best seasonal produce available at the time, keeping regulars interested and giving international travelers a taste of an organic dining experience in Melbourne.

Dishes will include dishes like 180-day-old grain-fed beef tartare with quail egg yolk and native herbs, crispy-skinned baby barramundi with greens and red cabbage emulsion, salt macaroon and pepper with scampi caviar, black pudding croquettes with venison, King Fish ceviche with ancestral tomato rind nectar and matcha tea extract and appetizing Royal Beluga caviar.

“We couldn’t be more excited to open SkyBar Melbourne and let people experience this exquisite venue,” said Norman Khan, Managing Director of Yarra Hotel Group and Hospmen. “Our vision for this venue has been to show off our amazing city in all its glory – from the city’s dramatic skyline to showcasing local artists, food, wine, beer and distilleries.

“We know the past two years have been difficult and we miss eating out very much. We have worked hard to make Sky Bar Melbourne a complete experience and the venue has been developed by a team of people who are passionate about hospitality.

“Customers will see it as soon as they step out of the elevator. We pride ourselves on providing a to-do list experience for locals and travelers alike and see Sky Bar Melbourne as the place to soak up the best of this incredible city.

Visit the Sky Bar Melbourne website here.

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