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Six members of the Carleton College classes of 2020 and 2021 have accepted prestigious Fulbright Program for American Students grants to travel the world and participate in graduate programs, advanced research, and culturally immersive experiences in the coming year.

During their scholarships, the Carls will meet, work, live and learn from people in their host country while sharing their daily experiences. The Fulbright program facilitates cultural exchanges in the classroom, in the field, at home and in routine tasks, allowing the beneficiary to gain an appreciation of the views and beliefs of others, their way of doing and thinking. .

Since 1946, the Fulbright Program has worked to increase mutual understanding and respect between people living in the United States and people living in more than 140 participating countries around the world. Each year the Fulbright Program for American Students—The country’s largest exchange program — selects approximately 2,000 students to spend an academic year in the country of their choice. Participants are chosen for their academic record, their personal qualifications, their language preparation, their desire to promote active engagement with a host community and the feasibility of their project.

Meet this year’s Fulbright scholarship recipients:

Natalie Hummel ’20

  • Urbana, Illinois
  • Geology
  • Fulbright location: Aachen, Germany

“I hope to spend most of the next year in Aachen, Germany, working on digital models of subduction zones. The subduction of the oceanic lithosphere is one of the main processes that drive tectonic plate movement. Numerical models make it possible to bridge the gap between the properties of rocks determined in the laboratory and the large-scale dynamics of this process. I am very excited to work with my host in Aachen, and I think having some experience in finite element modeling and geodynamics will be really valuable for my research at the university.

I am also looking forward to exploring Aachen, meeting new people and learning German (my parents and brother all speak a little German so happy to make it up.) chatted with a local high school for scientific aid awareness raising or teaching English, and I am delighted to visit the climbing halls of Aachen!

Joshua Angevine '21

Joshua Angevine ’21

  • Queens, New York
  • Political science
  • Fulbright Location: Argentina

“I was selected as a finalist in 2021, but I won’t start until 2022 due to Argentina’s unique academic calendar. I will be an English teaching assistant at a university yet to be determined. Our meetings and finalization of details will come during the fall. Along with that, I’m looking to implement a mentorship program similar to the one we have here at Carleton, Project Friendship, led by Holly Schoenbauer on our campus. I have a great time doing it and would love to use it as a cultural bridge as something I bring to Argentina.

Zoe Goldenberg-Hart '21

Zoe Goldenberg-Hart ’21

  • Silver Spring, MD
  • Latin American Studies
  • Fulbright location: Austria

“I received a combined award for teaching and doing a community internship in Vienna. I will spend half of my time as an English teaching assistant in a secondary school and the other half working with Flüchlinge Willkommen (Refugees Welcome), an organization that helps refugees and asylum seekers find accommodation in the city. I will also be taking courses at the University of Vienna and I am delighted to pursue courses in social and cultural anthropology.

I fell in love with the German language during my gap year in Germany, and look forward to strengthening my skills and learning more about Austrian dialects. I am also delighted to be immersed in Austrian culture, to share my love of languages ​​with my students, to learn and to work with the refugee community in Vienna. While I’m at it, I plan to get involved with the local Jewish community and find a women’s soccer team to coach! I look forward to living abroad again and gaining more experience in the non-profit sector.

Sarah Grier '21

Sarah Grier ’21

  • Dublin, California
  • Economics and statistics
  • Fulbright Location: Thailand

“I will be teaching English at a college in Thailand. I don’t know yet where exactly in the country I will be, but I do know that I will be placed in a smaller regional town. After briefly experiencing Thailand on the political economy and ecology of Southeast Asia Off-campus studies trip in winter 2020, looking forward to learning the language and better understanding thai culture and regional culture of the city i am placed in.

Having spent a lot of time coaching young athletes, I am looking forward to working with students in a larger classroom. I’m excited to engage in my community through sport and hopefully create a space for non-male community members to play sport and learn about STEM at the same time. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to broaden my worldview and broaden my teaching experience.

Catherine Johnson '20

Catherine Johnson ’20

  • Birthplace: Galesburg, Illinois
  • Political science
  • Fulbright Location: Nepal

“I am very happy to start my teaching scholarship in Nepal! I spent a month and a half in Nepal while studying abroad, and the people I met there motivated me to come back. I can’t wait to reconnect with old friends, meet new people, see the Himalayas again and eat more dal bhat. At the moment, I don’t know where I will be placed or in what age group I will teach, but I do know that I hope to leave next March. Ever since I started a tutoring business at the age of 14, I know I have a passion for teaching. One of my favorite things to do at Carleton has been working with Paper Airplanes, a non-profit organization that pairs volunteer tutors with Syrians whose education has been disrupted by conflict. My parents met in Nepal and I am delighted to have the opportunity to return to a country that has given me and my family so much.

Meredith Oldham '20

Meredith Oldham ’20

  • Austin, Texas
  • English (minor in French and Francophone studies)
  • Fulbright Location: South Korea

“Next year, I will spend 11 months as an English teaching assistant at a South Korean secondary school. I will build on my experience as a teaching assistant at Carleton, as well as my experience teaching English in France with TAPIF during the last school year.

I was first drawn to Korea after working with Korean ESL students in the summer of 2018. Since then, I have wanted to learn more about Korean language and culture, especially the system. Korean educational and Korean media. During my scholarship, I hope to deliver engaging ESL classes using English language media and creative storytelling as tools in the classroom.

Apart from my teaching responsibilities, I look forward to learning more about Korean history and culture, exploring different regions, and improving my mastery of the Korean language.

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