“The atmosphere is electric” – Mariners fans look forward to a good start to the new season

After an incredible start to the season, Grimsby Town fans are delighted with the recent performances and are equally delighted to see so many people in the stands as the city support their home side.

After a few tough years, the Mariners seem to finally be returning to some form with wins over top teams in the division such as Wrexham and Torquay.

However, with a long way to go, many fans remain cautious about their thoughts on promoting the Mariners to League Two.

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That said, there has been an incredible amount of support for the team so far, with some fans yet to miss a game, both at home and away.

For many, it’s nice to see their club among the greats again, attracting nearly 6,000 fans to every home game and giving fans something to celebrate.

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For families in particular, it was a magical start to the football season. Longtime city fan Dave Gilbert, 47, of Lincoln, has traveled to every game so far with his son Kian, 13, and looks forward to what this season has to offer.

He said: “It was better than the time we were promoted. There is a feeling of unity between the fans, the players and the manager.

“It’s also great to see how Paul Hurst has built a strong team for this league.

“There might be a queue for the restroom now, but it’s great and the vibe is crazy.

Dave Gilbert, 47, and his son Kian, 13, are incredibly pleased with the Mariners’ performance this season

“Watching all the fans stand up and start cheering is great for the players as well.”

He also said the takeover has definitely helped things move forward this season. “It’s hard to know what the immediate impact of something like this is, but I’ve always hoped it would be good for the team.

“My son and I are traveling from Lincoln for the game. We used to go to Blundell Park, watch the game, then come home. Now we get there a few hours early and make it a day.

“We even drove to Torquay to watch them play like my son and I couldn’t wait to see them play again for a week.

“In terms of promotion, I think we are the team to beat in the league, but I would hate to hurt by saying that we will make a comeback to League Two.”

However, it’s not just families who are enjoying this season, some die-hard Grimsby fans are also relishing what they have witnessed so far.

Alex Nettleton, 25, has been following Grimsby Town since he was a child and is delighted with the way they play.

He said: “It’s just good to see a buzz around the place again, the team looks good for every game and that matches the passion of the fans, after the last few years it’s great to get that feeling back and keep it going. “

Fans are delighted with the club's recent performances
Fans are delighted with the club’s recent performances

However, for some this is their first season properly supporting Grimsby Town. Archie Cuthbert, 11, is delighted to support his local club at such a prosperous time.

He said: “I loved watching my hometown play like they do.

“I went to my first game at Blundell Park the other week when we played at Wrexham and it was awesome.

“It’s not something I thought I would see because I know that in the past the club haven’t had the best of seasons.

Victoria Street in Grimsby

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“The atmosphere was the best part for me though. Everyone was singing and they all seemed very happy to be at Blundell Park.

“If we keep playing the way we are at the minute I would like to think we could get promoted, it’s just great to see your hometown playing so well with such fantastic support.”

For others, however, this is far from their first season. Supporting The Mariners for nearly a century is shaping up to be an unforgettable memory for 99-year-old super fan Jack Hinchliffe.

He said: “The set is really positive, it’s definitely one of the best seasons I’ve seen over the years.

Jack Hinchliffe has supported Grimsby Town since the 1930s
Jack Hinchliffe has supported Grimsby Town since the 1930s

“The vibe is absolutely electric by the minute and, frankly, it’s great to see.

“My favorite game so far has to be the first home game we’ve played, he gave us such a good start. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season now and really hope we can keep going. play like we are.

“The only thing that could prevent us from getting a promotion, in my opinion, is if we were injured.”

For local mental health activist Terry Birkett, the positive atmosphere among Mariners fans is of great benefit to those in the city as a whole.

Terry says the way the city plays is a boost for everyone, even non football fans
Terry says the way the city plays is a boost for everyone, even non football fans

He said: “The city is buzzing with the performances the team has achieved so far. I have noticed that everyone in the city also seems happier, not just the football fans.

“There’s just something special about the club this season, if we get to the top of the league I really think we could win it.

“Players like John McAtee have been particularly impressive. I haven’t seen a player like him in town in a long time and the way they play lifts the whole town.

“I just feel more conviction this season, we are hungrier and we are fighting to win games. The owners also deserve praise because they have made the club a great place and given everyone a huge boost. . “

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