Taiwan reports increase in norovirus count

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The Taiwan CDC reports that the number of hospital visits for diarrhea has recently increased, and the pathogens detected in cluster incidents are primarily noroviruses, and most of them occur in the restaurant industry. and the hotel industry.

Image / CDC

According to surveillance data from the Department of Disease Control, the total number of outpatient and emergency diarrhea consultations in Taiwan last week (February 21 to February 27) was 138,462, which has increased over the course of the last two weeks. In previous years, the number of visits for diarrhea after the Spring Festival holidays has increased; the country has almost four weeks (5th to 8th weeks) A total of 87 reports of clusters of diarrhea were received, of which 86% of cases presented symptoms in less than 10 people (inclusive); 58 cases of positive pathogenic cases were detected, mainly norovirus (97%)), the majority are in the restaurant and accommodation industry (71%).

The Department of Disease Control reminds that norovirus is highly contagious, so people need to pay attention to food safety and hand hygiene. If there are any suspicious symptoms, they should see a doctor as soon as possible and be sure to rest at home if they are sick; Catering and accommodation companies need to strengthen environmental hygiene management and pay attention to employees. If you feel unwell, please stop work immediately to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

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