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The idea of ​​jumping onto an observation deck and being transported to the ocean in a matter of minutes seems rather fancy.

But superyacht owners may soon be able to do just that with a new design that offers an “underwater viewing experience” for up to seven people on board.

The Hydrosphere concept can be deployed from the hull of the ship, immersing the owner and his guests in the surrounding ocean environment.

Described as a space “to share magical moments and to get underwater quickly”, its designers say it offers an experience close to that of submersible diving.

Immersed viewing experience

The unveiling of this new concept from Gresham Yacht Design comes as demand for personal submersibles increases.

Last year, Florida-based luxury submersible company Triton Submarines delivered the first six-person acrylic-hull submarine capable of diving to 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) and the same company sold a 24-hour submersible. places, Triton DeepView 24, at the Vietnamese resort town Vinpearl, which plans to organize excursions around Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang.

Meanwhile, various cruise lines have invested in submarines in recent years – Asian company Genting Cruise Lines has at least four ships equipped with submarines supplied by Dutch company U-Boat Worx.

While the Hydrosphere concept does not quite reach the great depths of some of the latest submersibles, descending only a few meters below the hull, it will undoubtedly be an extremely attractive feature for those who wish to see more of the underwater world. .

“There is a great demand for personal submersibles, which require hangar space and specialized operations to deploy, which takes time,” Gresham Yacht Design founder Steve Gresham told CNN Travel.

Underwater adventures

“The best thing about the Hydrosphere is that it can be used very quickly and easily. Unless you’re underwater when the Hydrosphere is deployed, you wouldn’t know it’s there.”

The Hydrosphere concept is fitted with on-board lighting so that those on board can use it at any time, even when the yacht is moving at a maximum speed of two knots.

When out of use, the device can be retracted into the hull, where it is protected by an external hatch.

“The only other way to get this type of experience is to dive in a submersible,” Gresham explains.

“It does take time though. Our Hydrosphere only takes a few minutes to deploy, which means you don’t miss that fleeting moment when a beautiful sea creature swims by.”

Fast and convenient

According to Gresham, the concept can be applied to any existing ship measuring 90 meters or more as a refit, “but the preferred route would be to fit it into a new construction project.”

Ultimately, the price of this project is difficult to estimate, as it will involve either refitting an existing vessel or integrating the functionality into a completely new build.

But it’s safe to assume that anyone keen on buying one will indeed need very deep pockets.

The concept is already generating a lot of interest, so there is a chance that it will materialize in the next few years.

“The technology and know-how to bring this idea to life already exists, so it wouldn’t be difficult to build,” says Gresham.

He and the rest of the Gresham Yacht Design team are keen to take the concept forward and hope this will be the start of a new way of discovering and studying the ocean.

“Anyone who loves the sea and wants to immerse themselves in its environment will be attracted by this idea,” he adds.

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