Southport Column: Maine-grown fiber, rose hips and more

Fall weekends in Maine present a number of exciting opportunities. This weekend, October 10th, we have the chance to take part in the Inaugural Maine Fiber Trail and Tour in which the Cape Newagen Alpaca Farm at the tip of Southport will be a stopover. Look for a longer article with more information and maybe an image elsewhere in this article. But the short version is you can register online to reserve your spot on one of their free tours between 10am and 2pm, observing the crafts and feeling the local quality of the fiber grown in Maine. Go to and choose Activities / Events. You will need to show proof of vaccination or a mask during the visit. At the entrance of the gift shop and the studio, masks compulsory for all.

Cape Newagen Alpaca Farm is open this fall in addition to this event. Fall and winter hours: Thursday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday: noon to 4 p.m. All tours and hikes are booked on their website. An alpaca can even give you a kiss!

From October 12, our Island store will maintain winter hours: Monday to Friday, they will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. On Saturdays, you can shop and eat from 7:30 am to noon. They will continue to be closed on Sunday.

The schoolchildren have a four-day weekend ahead, with Friday being a teacher training day and Monday being a public holiday. If you receive the school newsletter on your computer, you will know from the pictures how creative teaching is being done, especially outdoors. During Forest Friday last week, the kids picked rose hips with their teacher, Tracey, who made rosehip tea. Working on smell, the children made a soup from plants with a peculiar smell found in the woods. Older children discovered spheres by listing all the things they found in each sphere: hydrosphere, geosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere. On Saturday October 9, school families have the opportunity to retreat to Duck Puddle Campground, enjoying many outdoor activities.

With all of these outdoor learning opportunities for schoolchildren, you can see how much use is made of the grounds around the school. Those of you who are year-round residents and have received the Southport Community Project brochure and quiz that involves the land around the school, please take the time to enjoy the photos and respond. thoughtfully and return the questionnaire. Improving these lands will not only benefit school children, but may also delight the community.

Kit and I each ate a delicious Reuben haddock from Karen’s Hideaway, with the proceeds going to help a family in Southport improve their home. I don’t know how much money was raised yet, but I do know that all the money paid for our sandwiches went to the project. Thanks, Karen.

The annual closing party at the Southport Museum drew a lot of people, with opportunities to visit friends and neighbors while enjoying apple cider, donuts and applesauce. Our son, Andy and his wife, Ingrid, came with us, vowing to return next summer to spend even more time learning Southport history from all of the exhibits. Thank you to everyone who provided the refreshments and organized the event.

You’ve probably noticed the Axiom signs around the island, urging us to subscribe to broadband service. Remember that if we register before the end of the project on the island, we avoid installation fees in our homes.

I’m pushing the color change not just for our own enjoyment, but also because one of Kit’s Navy buddies and his family are coming to visit us this weekend from West Texas. Haven’t seen many bright red leaves yet, but hopefully more will be part of our world by then.

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