Sastasha’s Dungeon Guide & Walkthrough

Sastasha is a level 15 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14. This is the first dungeon you will explore as a new adventurer in Eorzea. Your objective is to explore the Sastasha Seagrot in western La Noscea and find the pirates who are supposed to set up camp there.

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As the first dungeon in the game, Sastasha will teach you some basic mechanics for exploring dungeons and dealing with bosses in a group. Let’s take a look at all the bosses you’ll encounter in Sastasha, their attacks and mechanics, and how to beat them.

How to unlock Sastasha

Sastasha is unlocked through the following main quest.

  • Accept Main Scenario Quest “It’s probably pirates”
    • NPC location: Baderon – Upper decks Limsa Lominsa (X:11.6, y:11.1)

Dungeon Walkthrough

As of patch 6.1, Sastasha can now be challenged using the Support service system. This will allow you to enter the dungeon with three NPC party members, rather than three normal players. If you prefer to discover the dungeons of Final Fantasy 14 solothe Duty Support system is the best way to do it.

When you first enter the dungeon, explore the path until you find the bloody memo. Take note of the color written near the end of the note for later in the dungeon.

In the first open area, you will come across Giant clams and shadow seekers. The clams will periodically close their lids and summon more Shade Seekers in the area. Defeat the Clams first before dealing with Shade Seekers.

Later in the dungeon, after defeating Captain Madison, you will enter a large area with several pirate groups roaming around. Carefully pull each group to your group and deal with them one at a time. Heading to the upper part of the area, you can avoid the series of enemies on the right side of the room.

As you progress through the dungeon, be sure to explore each area for treasure chests. There are several chests spread around the dungeon and will reward you with valuable gear and items.


Sastasha’s first boss is Chopper. When you get to the area with three colorful coral formations, remember color written on the Bloody Memo. This will indicate which coral to interact with to summon the boss. If you select the wrong color, a an additional enemy will appearand you will suffer Poison Mitigation.

After selecting the correct color, the Discrete switch will appear, which will summon Chopper when interacted with. Chopper is a relatively simple boss that only has one attack, listed below.

  • Loaded Mustache: Chopper will inflict damage in a close range area around itselfindicated by the light circle which appears. This attack will inflict damage and inflict Paralysiswhich will periodically stun you for a short duration. Exit area of ​​effect to avoid taking damage.

In addition to dodging this attack, make sure to keep the tank alive if playing a healerkeep the boss focused on you if you are a Tankand keep damage the boss if you are a DPS player.

When Chopper is defeated, you will be able to proceed to the next section of the dungeon.

Captain Madison

Sastasha’s second boss is Captain Madison. This boss will first appear in the area right after the Chopper boss fight, but run away from battle when his health reaches around 50%.

When you first meet Captain Madison, he will be accompanied by two Shallowtail Reavers. Defeat additional enemies, then focus on captain until he ran away.

Proceed to the next area, where you will find multiple groups of pirate enemies. Defeat them to eventually gain access to the Captain’s quartersor one Shallow-tailed Rampager with the extra health will wait. Beat it to pick up the Waverider door keywhich will allow you to move into the next room where Captain Madison is waiting, again.

This time, in addition to his Shallowtail Reaver allies, Captain Madison summon multiple scurvy dogs at the arena. Make sure you group them together and focus on them first so that your group is not overwhelmed.

Once again Captain Madison flee when it reaches around 25% health.

Denn the Orcadent

Sastasha’s final boss is Denn the Orcatoothed. In the large arena where you meet Denn the Orcatoothed, you can find several grids on the groundappointed Unnatural waves. Throughout the fight, these will bubble up, indicating that additional enemies will spawn through them. To avoid this, interact with unnatural waves to prevent an enemy from appearing.

In addition to summoning enemies, Denn the Orcatoothed will use the following attack throughout the fight.

  • hydro ball: Denn will inflict damage in a short cone shape on his forehead. Move outside the glowing area to avoid taking damage.

Keep these mechanics in mind when fighting Denn. When Denn is defeated, you will have completed your first dungeon in Final Fantasy 14.

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