Reservoir watches feature WWII comic book heroes and a tribute to the 356 Speedster

The French watchmaking house Reservoir divides its watches into marine, aeronautic and automotive categories.

The watches are inspired by dials and gauges found in cockpits, on instrument panels or on some kind of diving equipment.

And they all share a common theme of a retrograde minute hand sweeping across the upper two-thirds of the dial and a jumping hour at 6 o’clock.

Some have a power reserve indicator below the jumping hour.

A modified ETA 2824-2 automatic movement does the job under the hood.

Because the architecture of the dial is unusual, it doesn’t particularly matter whether it’s used over and over again, especially since it adapts well to a variety of designs.

Two recent additions to the Reservoir range perfectly illustrate this point.

The first is the Kanister watch, which borrows its design from the rpm gauge of a 1952 356 Speedster.

The gauge amused the drivers because at the lower end of the 0 to 2,500 RPM scale there were normal green markers on a black background, but as the RPM went over 2,500 and then 5,500 RPM, spooky speed bands in green and then red appear as a warning that the engine is about to blow.

The tank dial uses the exact same design, with spooky elements when the minute hand hits 25 minutes and 45 minutes after each hour.

It is on sale for $ 4,140.

Even more recent from Reservoir is a play based on 1940s WWII comic book heroes Blake and Mortimer, an offshoot of Tintin who never really had the appeal of the childish Belgian sleuth.

Reservoir borrows from Gerald Genta’s Mickey Mouse playbook by making Mortimer’s arm retrograde minute hand as it appears to point to something terrifying above; probably a German bomber.

The jumping hour is larger than the usual Reservoir watches, and there is no power reserve underneath like the designs inspired by the brand’s cars.

Other than that, this is the same 41.5mm steel watch with a different design history.

The Blake and Mortimer watch costs $ 2,990.

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