Reinvent. Recreate. Restore

The world is witnessing rapid changes in environmental conditions across the world. The “extremes” we witnessed demonstrate the appalling scenario we have entered into. No region or part of it has been immune to these changing signatures of the environment in which we live. The costs of new age “industrial and technological” advances have led to the widespread deterioration of the vital systems in which we live. The biosphere or ecosystem “spaces” that meet our needs have been transformed into a network of “cascading environmental threats” facing our geographies. In the same league, the theme of this year’s World Environment Day “Ecosystem restoration” weighs on the restoration of ecosystems that have witnessed degradation and are on the verge of further destruction. This theme focuses on revitalizing or revitalizing our ecosystems and helping to manage and maintain safe natural resources. Hosted by Pakistan this year, the event will see the official launch of the “United Nations Decade for Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030”. This is the first time Pakistan will host World Environment Day. On this occasion, Pakistan will make important statements regarding the initiatives it has taken to mitigate the effects of climate change, including the 10 billion trees program against the tsunami, Clean Green Pakistan, the electric vehicle policy, the national parks and green jobs.

The ecology of catering is “The scientific study of the repair of ecosystems disturbed by human intervention”. Ecological restoration aims to recreate and restore a “disturbed” ecosystem. Restoration activities aim to recreate and re-imagine the ecosystem from before the disturbance or to create a new ecosystem where it had not happened before. This paves the way for resetting our relationships and interactions with nature.

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