PureAcre launches Augere for efficient nitrogen use in row crops

ARGYLE, Texas – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – PureAcre â„¢ launched its first product for row crop farmers. Augere is a soil amendment that increases nutrient uptake when added to liquid fertilizers, such as UAN (Ammonium Urea Nitrate) and starter fertilizers. The agricultural input is fed by the company’s proprietary transporter, OpusMAX, which provides better nutrient uptake in crops like corn, wheat, soybeans, rice and cotton, and significantly reduces nitrate leaching.

Based on internal testing, nutrient uptake data, biomass calculations and current UAN prices, PureAcre estimates that Augere could provide a return on investment of 4: 1 or more for growers of maize at current commodity prices. Farmers can choose to use the fertilizer enhancer as an additive to their current fertilization programs to create healthier root systems or use Augere as a supplement to reduce UAN use by up to 30% to achieve equitable crop health compared to current standard programs.

“Nitrogen leaching is a big problem for farmers. Today, only 60-65% of the applied nitrogen is taken up by crops, the remainder being lost to the hydrosphere through leaching, denitrification and trapping of the soil, ”said John Appel, president of PureAcre. “For farmers, that means they have to apply too much nitrogen to get the desired yield, even though a lot of what’s deposited never benefits their crops. With Augere we can correct the trajectory and help more of the applied nutrients reach the plants. ”

The product is designed to be added directly to a grower’s liquid fertilizer program, with no special equipment required, and at a cost-conscious price. Augere’s ability to increase nutrient uptake and reduce leaching is due to OpusMAX, a proprietary formulation technology that acts as a carrier that will form supramolecular structures with active ingredients. This blend improves the effectiveness of the active ingredients and results in more efficient and effective solutions for agricultural nutritional inputs.

David Coorts, VP Technical, explains: “Augere can be a key component of early agronomic success, by making more applied nitrogen available to plants. This creates a scenario for healthier, more robust root structures and overall plant growth and development. Coorts establishes a better correlation between early root development and better potential yields for growers.

In internal tests simulating heavy rainfall conditions in corn, Augere reduced nitrate leaching by 99% compared to the standard control; and reduced ammonia leachate by 43%. Crops subjected to high stress excess water events during the early stages of growth would normally experience detrimental nutrient leaching; the study showed that Augere can mitigate this type of nutrient loss.

“Looking at the NOAA forecast this spring, we see a high likelihood of warmer-than-average temperatures and higher precipitation in the Eastern Cornbelt. Pair weather influences with rising fertilizer costs, and we’re in a situation where Augere can help farmers meet the efficiency and economic needs of their operations, ”said Brandon Badgley, Account Manager PureAcre.

Augere will enter full-scale field trials this spring in a number of states in the United States, and is currently pending registration. PureAcre is providing first-time users with a performance assurance program for the 2021 growing season. If a grower does not see a yield increase of at least 2% of the bushel per acre, the company will provide a replacement Augere product for the 2022 growing season at no cost to the grower. Details of the program are available at pure-acre.com.

About PureAcre

PureAcre â„¢ is an agricultural innovation start-up that nurtures fascinating families and farmers with its advanced nutrient management products. The Texas-based company provides high-performance, eco-friendly nutrients and biostimulants that maximize plant performance and use fertilizers more efficiently. PureAcre’s solutions use the company’s proprietary technology, OpusMAX â„¢, to create healthier, more productive factories, while saving money and protecting the environment. PureAcre is an operational entity within BPS Agriculture, which is part of the BPS Technology family of companies. To learn more, visit www.pure-acre.com.

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