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Bhopal: BJP state chairman VD Sharma told Congress on Sunday that the party was trying to vitiate the atmosphere in the state with the help of OBC Mahasabha.
Referring to OBC Mahasabha’s attempt to hold a protest at CM House, Sharma said Congress has shown its anti-OBC face not once but repeatedly. Whether it is the issue of the 27% of OBCs in jobs or the reservation of OBCs in panchayat polls, OBCs know full well that Congress has only been interested in their “political” use instead. than working for their well-being, he said. “Now Congress has put forward its B team to vitiate the atmosphere in the state. The team is an “expert” in this matter, as they only see CBO or Dalit issues in BJP-led states, what happens in other states is never their concern. They conveniently obscure the incidents taking place in Rajasthan or Maharashtra, ”Sharma said.
He said: “When a Dalit Dhanprasad was burned alive in Sagar district during Kamal Nath’s reign in MP, no one from Bhim’s army came forward to express solidarity with the victim’s family. . From now on, the leaders of this team present themselves as the greatest defenders of the rights of CBOs. Congress did nothing for the CBOs and therefore resorted to “negative” politics to entice people in this section.
He said: “The government of Shivraj Singh Chouhan by withdrawing the notification of the panchayat elections has proved that it wants to involve all sections of the society. The referents of the OBC groups know that their interests are only secure with the BJP and any attempt to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere in the state will not be allowed to anyone. “

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