New Terra Classic Rug (LUNC) Pulls In Town

In recent days, the new Terra Network channel, Terra Classic (LUNC), has been making headlines and one of the reasons is the Terra Classic Revival roadmap from the Terra Rebels developer group.

This is the group of developers who worked for the success of the 1.2% tax cut proposal. On September 29, the Terra Rebel even released the official Terra Classic revival roadmap to improve the Terra Classic network.

Carpet runs increase with popularity of Terra Classic

The Terra Rebels, who are constantly working to improve the Terra Network, have now issued a new warning against rug draws and scams. The group claims that Lithosphere and KaJ Labs Foundation have no connection with the group.

The above statement was confirmed via tweet by reXx, one of the members of Terra Rebel today. The group also said they don’t know why the Terra Rebel group was mentioned in the roadmap published by Lithosphere and KaJ Labs.

Although Lithosphere and KaJ Labs Foundation claim to support Terra Classic P2E games and also burn 2.5 trillion LUNC tokens, Terra Rebels believe the companies are sweepstakes and scams. Rug pull is basically a scam involving cryptocurrency where a developer attracts investors to a new project and pulls out before the project is even done.

reXx also claims that these projects aren’t even built on the Terra blockchain and just use Terra Rebels and LUNC to gain community trust.

At the time of writing, Terra Classic (LUC) is changing hands at $0.000294 after rising 0.65% in the last 24 hours. The LUNC price is expected to rise following Binance’s burn announcement next Monday.

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