New musical discoveries November 4: Girl Scout, Yorke, Darcy Lane, etc.

For our first discoveries of new music in November, we’ve added nine new tracks to our Discovery playlist on Spotify and Apple Music; including three exclusive premieres. Our Track of the Week for this week is “All The Time And Everywhere”, the new single from garage pop newcomers from Stockholm Girl Scout.

“All The Time And Everywhere” is the Swedish band’s second single and cements them as ones to watch. Filled with melodies and relatable lyrics, the track is all about trying to make peace with life’s anxieties. Expect to hear a lot more from Girl Scout in the future.

“Hypnagogic Hydrosphere” comes from a Norwegian audiovisual artist Glassmanetthe next album by glass planet – released on November 11. At just under two minutes, the track is a wonderful, short and sharp injection of dream pop for the soul. With beautiful shoegaze vibes on vocals and psychic-inspired guitars, we can’t wait to hear the rest of the album later this month.

Yorke released “When the Honeymoon is Over” from their upcoming EP, ten feet high which will be released on December 2. It’s a track that seeks light in the dark, showcasing strength and resilience and is eye-catching.

from sydney Darcy Lane released the fabulous “2022 Without You”. It’s a heartbreaking teardown of an ex-lover, reflecting on how the split is for the best. If you are newly single and need a lift then this is for you.

“Cherry Blue Intention” Comes From New Orleans No-Wave Punks Special Interest. A heady mix of dance music and punk, throw this one all the way. This is the last single from their album Support which was also released today.

“Big Foot” sees the British multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Tutankhamun (a.k.a Olly Toomey) continues to tease his next debut album – which will be released on November 25 on Nice Guy Records. According to Olly, the track “is a song about the feeling of loss of control and the abandonment that comes with it”. Musically, you have this beautiful juxtaposition with that sleek and captivating 60s cinematic soundscape. Keep an eye out for the album when it drops later this month.

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Here’s the full list of this week’s additions:

Girl Scout “Anytime and Everywhere”
Glassmanet “Hypnagogic Hydrosphere”
Yorke “When the Honeymoon’s Over”
Darcy Lane “2022 without you”
nameless ghost “Quiet”
Tutankhamun ” Big Foot “
Special interest “Cherry Blue Intention”
Ainsley Farrell “So small” [Exclusive Single Premiere]NTH RD “I saw you disappear” [Exclusive Video Premiere]

Header photo: Martyna Bannister

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