“Need to have an atmosphere where people can chill out, just chill out

Rohit Sharma gave head coach Rahul Dravid credit for bringing a “sense of relaxation” to the Indian dressing room. The newly promoted white ball skipper thinks it’s crucial to keep the team atmosphere light and cheerful where people can sometimes ‘relax’ in a demanding sport like cricket.

Rohit Sharma’s remarks came during an interaction with BCCI.tv. He was asked about his experience with Dravid during the duo’s first stint as captain and coach of the T20I three-game series against New Zealand. The 33-year-old described him as “fantastic”, saying Dravid embodies the balance between playing hard and being relaxed.

He said:

“Working with Rahul bhai, I mean there were only three odd games but it was fantastic. We saw how he played his cricket – very hard, hard. And at the same time there is also a relaxed feeling, you know, because it’s important to keep the atmosphere light and cheerful when you do a field job that is so demanding. You have to have an atmosphere where people can relax, relax, this kind of things. “

Rohit Sharma hopes their long-standing bond, which has turned into a partnership for Indian cricket, will be “fruitful”. He continued:

“It’s only been a short while, but I’ve had so many interactions with him in the past about the game, about my personal game, so it’s good to have him on board. And you will be. very successful, I hope for the future. “

Rohit Sharma took command of T20I at the same time as Rahul Dravid succeeded Ravi Shastri, ushering in what many call the “new era” of Indian cricket. They have been tasked with improving India’s performance in ICC events and at first glance they are applying the philosophies that have worked for them in the past.

We failed to recover from 10-3, 15-2, that’s something we have to keep in mind: Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma also touched on a factor that has had a huge impact on Indian cricket over the past five years, but which the team hasn’t talked about much about. He admitted that the Men in Blue’s overreliance on the higher order has resulted in failures in situations where the batting lineup is 10-3 or 15-2.

Rohit Sharma said:

“When the challenges are there and it’s tough challenges – how you come out of it is very important. I think in the past we’ve been put in these situations before where we were 10-3, 15-2 somewhere. something like that and we failed to recover. This is something that we have to keep in mind to move forward. This is one of the areas. There are other areas in which we need to keep improving as a team, because improving as a team doesn’t stop. “

Rohit Sharma concluded by saying:

“We have to keep looking to improve ourselves in different departments. There are so many areas where we can look to improve every time we play the game. So that will always be the center of our minds… to keep improving. first as a player and then as a group. “

The next stop on Rohit Sharma’s journey is the India to South Africa tour, which will include three tests and as many ODIs, starting December 26.

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