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The owner of Ned Kelly’s is no stranger to the town of Milledgeville or the restaurant business. Rocky Duncan has lived in Milledgeville for about 20 years and prior to that Duncan often visited his grandparents’ house on Lake Sinclair when he was young.

Located at 119 S. Wayne St. in Milledgeville, the former home of Capital City and Chops, Ned Kelly’s first opened in January 2020. Duncan said business was going well before the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure that followed. in March 2020. However, Ned Kelly weathered this storm and the restaurant has now reopened.

Customers will find a variety of items on the menu at Ned Kelly. There are different flavors of wings, but also fried pickles, onion rings and more appetizers. In terms of main courses, Ned Kelly’s allows customers to create their own burger, allowing them to top them with a number of toppings and cheeses available. If you’re looking for something healthier, Ned Kelly’s also has salads.

Duncan takes great pride in the menu.

“I think we have some of the best food in Central Georgia,” he said.

The company is divided into two sections. The ground floor section of Ned Kelly’s is open Tuesday to Saturday from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday the upper section is open from 11 p.m. to 2 p.m. Ned Kelly’s kitchen is open from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Ned Kelly’s not only has several specials, which are listed weekly on the company’s Facebook page, but it also hosts several events, including concerts, trivia, and theme nights. Other events are currently in the works, including a Halloween party. Customers can also schedule private parties and / or events at Ned Kelly’s, depending on the type of event and availability.

Perhaps the best description of Ned Kelly is Duncan, who spoke about the many characteristics of the business, including its food, atmosphere, people, and overall fun vibe.

“You can go downstairs, have a nice meal, watch your favorite game on TV,” Duncan said. “If you wanted to go out a bit later for nightly events, parties or whatever, you can go upstairs where we have projection screens, televisions, live music, music and entertainment. Live DJ. You can sort of spend an evening without even having to leave the building. “

Duncan said what he loves most about managing Ned Kelly is the interactions he is able to have with people.

“The challenge of running your own business, both the good and the bad. I think this challenge allows us to keep going, to overcome the adversity of things that are going on in your business, ”Duncan said. “You learn to overcome these things, you learn something new. Then when you train new employees, meet all of your customers, you learn something new every day. I think this is the best part of a business.

When Duncan, who performs as a DJ in addition to being in the restaurant business, is on tour, he leaves Ned Kelly’s in the hands of his two general managers, Justin Scott and Meredith McMahan.

Duncan has said he knows exactly what he wants customers to say when they leave Ned Kelly’s.

“I hope they say it’s one of the best times they’ve ever had. One of the best meals, one of the best times they have ever had.

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