Mining activities are not part of the forest reserve, according to the land department

KUANTAN: The Pahang Lands and Mines Department has rejected allegations that mining activities around Tasik Chini are in a forest reserve.

He said a total of 14 mining licenses had been issued in the region before 4,600 ha of Tasik Chini State Park was classified in the Official Gazette in 2019 as Chini Forest Reserve, adding that none new license had not been issued since.

In a statement released yesterday, the state director’s office said the area classified as a Chini Forest Reserve has also been proposed as a new Unesco biosphere reserve area by state authorities.

“Of the 14 mining areas, only two remain in operation,” he said, adding that one of the licenses would expire in June and another at the end of the year.

“To ensure environmental sustainability, the state authorities are committed to ensuring that no new licenses are issued in the Tasik Chini region,” he added.

The statement was in response to social media reports regarding the destruction of the environment.

The department said state authorities would not compromise failure to meet the conditions set by the assessment and review of eight state and federal government technical agencies.

He said that on June 17 last year, the state issued immediate work stop orders against 11 operators in the Tasik Chini area due to failure to comply with the conditions for approving the operation. mining.

The ministry added that operators were required, among other things, to make a clear demarcation, install barriers or fences, plant trees and register the use of machines.

“They are only allowed to operate after all instructions have been followed,” he said.

He also said the Environment Ministry has been monitoring the lake’s water quality since 2005, and the water is clean and safe for aquatic life.

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