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TUCSON (KVOA) – On Wednesday, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero joined community leaders in expressing their support for the Cherrybell Post Office and its importance to our region. Tuesday, United States Postmaster General DeJoy published the United States Postal Services 10-Year Plan (USPS), which left open the possibility of future facility consolidations and changes to service standards, both of which could impact Cherrybell, the city said.

Tucson’s only postal processing center, Cherrybell, was threatened with closure for the first time in 2011. Consumers, workers and unions, business owners, seniors, veterans groups, elected officials and many others have spoken out in successfully defending Cherrybell against the shutdown, although partial consolidation efforts were eventually ended. This led to USPS starting to ship first class local mail from Tucson to Phoenix for processing.

On Wednesday, the entire state depends on the Phoenix facilities for rapid mail processing.

In 2015, a new attempt was made to consolidate several postal facilities, including Cherrybell. These efforts were ultimately postponed following strong public opposition. Postmaster General DeJoy’s new 10-year plan refers to the deferred facility consolidations of 2015, stating that “We will assess the remaining facility consolidations that were deferred in 2015 and strategically implement some of these consolidations where facilities remain underutilized ”, leaving Cherrybell’s future uncertain.

“The entire region of southern Arizona depends on Cherry bell for the efficient delivery of a range of goods and services – from the elderly who receive their prescription drugs in the mail to small businesses who depend on the timely delivery of goods and services.

We are still suffering the negative consequences of partial consolidation efforts in the Cherry bell which started in 2011, resulting in longer delivery times for local mail. Our area has only grown since then, and it is illogical and inefficient for our local mail to be processed 120 miles away in Phoenix. Now is the time to expand – not reduce – processing capacity to Cherry bell.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to the essential workers at Cherrybell who have worked throughout the pandemic to continue to provide the services our community depends on. I am also grateful for the continued advocacy of our Congressional delegation to protect Cherrybell. I encourage Tucsonans to explain why Cherrybell is personally important to them, their business and our community by completing the survey, ”said Mayor Romero.

“For ten years, this mayor and this council and the community have fought to keep Cherry bell, our post office and our processing center open and fully operational. I would like to thank my fellow Council members, our delegation to Congress and the community for their continued support to Cherry bell.

The Postmaster has released a plan, which will be reviewed, and we will work to preserve the 26,000 businesses that use Cherrybell, for our Veterans and Elders who receive ordinances in the mail, as well as the Tohono O’odham Nation and the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Nation who relies on Cherrybell ”, Ward 5 council member Richard Fimbres said.

Cherry bell The Post Office, like all post offices across the country, is a vital asset to the Tucson community. It handles tens of thousands of mails daily. It also plays a key role in handling mail for small offices in southern Arizona.

It allows small and large businesses to have direct access to mail flow, saving them time and money. Last but not least, it plays an essential role in the economy. Hundreds of Tucsonians rely on Cherry bell for the job and have worked at this facility providing dedication beyond this pandemic,” noted Mike Moriconi – President, American Postal Workers Union (APWU) Local 255

“The Tucson Cherry bell The post office serves not only the citizens and businesses of Tucson, but all of the surrounding communities in southern Arizona as well. The communities of Tucson and Southern Arizona deserve and now count on reliable and efficient service provided by the Cherry bell Post office for prompt delivery of US postal products and services. Cherry bell supports thousands of businesses and promotes commerce in southern Arizona.

The dedicated women and men who work for the United States Postal Service care deeply about our customers and want to continue to provide the best possible service to its citizens and businesses, ” Kathy Walters – President of Local 704 of the National Letter Carrier Association (NALC).

“The Cherry bell The post office is essential for the thousands of businesses that call southern Arizona home. The Tucson Metro Chamber fully supports efforts to not only protect Cherry bell future consolidation, but expand services to further support our businesses and foster economic growth. We are proud to join Mayor Romero in this effort to protect Cherry bell and the essential mail delivery services provided to our consumers and businesses,” noted Amber Smith – President and CEO, Tucson Metro Chamber


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