Lucrecia Dalt is peeled off in time

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by Lucrecia Dalt ¡Ay! opens with a celestial organ, followed by the kind of metallic synth chimes you might hear at the start of a Mario Kart race. The track that follows, “No Tiempo,” builds slowly, a double bass swelling to welcome a clarinet and trumpet duet and, finally, Dalt’s subtly beautiful alto vocals.

We could listen to everything ¡Ay! and marvel at the beauty of Dalt’s otherworldly arrangements knowing nothing of his concept, but an understanding of the strange story behind the sound makes the music all the more compelling. The album tells the story of Preta, an extraterrestrial female consciousness who actualizes herself into a creature composed of cosmic pellicles in order to visit Earth. Landing atop a Majorcan mountain, she descends to deliver a series of decolonizing messages: Time is not linear but rhizomatic; love is not a finite element but an endless, gushing flow.

Hot on the heels of releasing his new album on October 14, Dalt broke The FADER’s record piece by piece.

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