Lithosphere (LITHO) Launches $145M Developer Grant Program and Pledges to Support Ripple (XRP) in SEC Legal Defense

Seattle, Wash. – (Newsfile Corp. – July 26, 2022) – Lithosphere has announced that it will launch a $145 million grant and incubation program for developers. Lithosphere’s core team, KaJ Labs, will dedicate $100 million to fund and incubate Lithosphere’s infrastructure projects and dApps. The remaining $45 million will be used to conduct regional and global consumer development programs and bug bounties. Lithosphere also reaffirmed its support for Ripple vs SEC.

The Lithosphere The Developer Grants Program gives a boost to innovative developers looking to build the next generation of the Internet. This decision encourages integrations, collaborations and acquisitions.

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Lithosphere Network

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Lithosphere is the future distributed value transfer infrastructure and will provide interoperability between multiple blockchain networks. It solves the bottlenecks that hinder mainstream Web3 adoption.

KaJ Laboratories also continues to support Ripple Labs’ legal defense fund against charges brought by the SEC. Ripple created a network that provided fast and inexpensive cross-border money transfers in the form of XRP cryptocurrency. The SEC claims that selling XRP is the offering of an unregistered currency or an illegal IPO. The litigation is now a landmark case that amply demonstrates the lack of regulatory clarity surrounding cryptocurrencies.


About KaJ Labs

KaJ Labs is a decentralized research organization focused on AI and blockchain technology. We are driven to create innovative products that work for the greater good around the world.

About the lithosphere

Lithosphere is the next-generation network for cross-chain applications powered by AI and Deep Learning.

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