Lithosphere (LITHO) GameFi Project Jot Art raises $55

Seattle, Washington, Sept. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — KaJ Labs has announced that it will award $35 million in grants to the Jot Art (JOT) Metaverse project. The Jot Art team, led by project supervisor Raj Kumar, raised an additional $20 million from Psalms Capital and ACP.

Jot Art is Lithosphere’s metaverse and the infusion will help launch the cross-chain metaverse for the Jot Art play-to-earn (P2E) game “Finesse”. The game series has two chapters, “Shadow Warriors” and “The Kingdom”, which take place in the same metaverse.

The multiplayer platform features high adventure gameplay with mixed RPG elements. Players upgrade their abilities with items from enemies and the environment. The RPG game “Finesse” is now online. Players can access and play “Finesse: Shadow Warrior Preview Season” through Android and WebGL (browser).

Subtlety: Shadow Warriors

Jot Art will also release a “Finesse” Samurai Genesis NFT Warriors collection with 100,000 unique characters and collectibles, each with varying levels of rarity on October 1 at 00:00 UTC. Samurai Genesis Collection warriors can be used for NFT staking and NFT packing. Characters are split evenly between male and female and into five rarity categories: Original, Rare, Super Rare, Very Super Rare, and Mythic. Only 25,000 characters from the Genesis collection will be available to mint on 2 public channels in the first batch.

A select group of whitelisted addresses will be able to mint a character for free, with minting fees ranging from $25 and up.

Jot Art and Lithosphere are no strangers to creating P2E or NFT games. KaJ Labs has been active in the mobile gaming industry for many years through Jot Art and the transition to Lithosphere’s unique blockchain enables greater creativity and innovation. The financial infusion allows the “Finesse” metaverse to grow, evolve, and develop in multiple directions for the future of entertainment.


About KaJ Labs
KaJ Labs is a decentralized research organization focused on AI and blockchain technology. We are committed to creating innovative products that work for the greater good around the world.


About the lithosphere
Lithosphere is the next-generation network for cross-chain applications powered by AI and Deep Learning.


About the capital of the psalms
Psalms capital is a research & consulting company for innovative blockchain projects.

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