Letter: Global Peril

Published: 08/23/2021 07:00:17 AM

In front of us – suddenly! – massive extinction of species, destruction of terrestrial biodiversity. This is due to human changes in our planet’s earth system: its atmosphere (air), hydrosphere (water), cryosphere (ice and permafrost), lithosphere (rock) and biosphere (life). Most of this destruction has taken place since the turn of the 20th century, when the world’s population has almost quadrupled from 2.1 billion to 7.9 billion. We have invaded the planet, especially since the 1950s.

According to the most recent expert assessment, “Greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel combustion and deforestation are suffocating our planet and putting billions of people in immediate danger. Global warming affects all regions of the Earth, with many changes becoming irreversible. ”(UN IPCC). The ongoing global effort to tackle climate change is coordinated by the UN through the United Nations Framework Agreement on Climate Change, most recently with the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

A ‘make or break’ meeting is scheduled for Glasgow in November 2021. We need to keep climate change, now 1.1 degrees centigrade and still rising, to less than 1.5 degrees centigrade (every tenth of a degree is crucial) or face serious consequences for the next generation. We need to allocate a 50% increase in current funding to help people displaced by climate change. May educators, the national press, and each of us drum up warnings, hammer science, knowing that the world can change direction by coming together now and singing the hope that we will.

Nicolas ourusoff

New London

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