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MOSCOW, May 31. / TASS /. Russian foreigner Sergei Lavrov said he wanted to bring the atmosphere of 2007 back to Russian-EU relations. He made his point by commenting on the tie of Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva, when the minister had mistakenly put on a tie in the colors of the Portuguese presidency of the EU in 2007 instead of that of 2021.

“I am honestly happy that the Minister confused, or perhaps consciously put on the 2007 tie. It would be very nice to return to the atmosphere that existed between the Russian Federation and the European Union in 2007”, Lavrov said at the joint meeting. press conference.

The Russian minister noted that Russia has not yet had the opportunity to chair the EU and such symbols are not used in the CIS and CSTO.

“Somehow, we didn’t have the idea of ​​making special connections, but we’re going to try it,” Lavrov noted.

Commenting on the upcoming Portuguese EU presidency, Lavrov urged to remember other basic human rights in addition to political rights.

Lavrov expressed the hope that Western partners will not leave this issue unattended.

I sincerely hope that your Western colleagues will remember that this is the most important thing for any human being, wherever they live, and that we will no longer allow the tragedies that have occurred to repeat. in Iraq, Libya, and the former Yugoslavia, when our NATO colleagues simply flouted this right in the most brutal and illegal manner, ”Lavrov concluded.

“Russia wants normal relations”

Russia is ready to normalize its relations with the European Union, but without ultimatums or unilateral preconditions like those put forward for the Minsk accords, the Russian foreign minister said.

“We are ready to restore normal relations based solely on the principles of equality, mutual respect and balance of interests. Without ultimatums or unilateral preconditions like those we constantly face regarding the need for Russia to respect the Minsk agreements. It’s absurd and everyone understands that, ”he noted.

Yet while everyone understands the absurdity of this situation, the EU is sticking to the principle of consensus and solidarity that works within its framework, Lavrov continued.

“By exploiting this principle, the aggressive Russophobic minority is forcing everyone to stick to this absurd situation whenever this issue is discussed in the European Council,” said the senior diplomat.

“We want normal and mutually beneficial relations. We want the volume of trade to return to and exceed 2013 levels. It is currently half as much as in 2013. And it is not the pandemic that has played a role. decisive role here. We hope that the ideological agenda towards Russia in the EU will turn into a reasonable agenda, ”Lavrov stressed.

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