KaJ Labs Announces Lithosphere NFT Platform


SEATTLE, September 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Lithosphere, KaJ Labs’ innovative new AI blockchain platform will officially launch the Jot Art Metaverse in the first quarter of 2022. The launch will be highlighted by three new Play-to-Earn (P2E) cross-chain games. The first title, Heroes of the jungleNFT characters and items from, are available for collection at Opensea.

The KaJ Labs Foundation invites gamers on a journey into a world of limitless possibilities with the launch of the games. The three flagship games will contain unique gameplay and varied characters. Objects in play in the Jot Art’s P2E games are represented by non-fungible tokens (NFT). Characters will be playable in all three games, and individuals can sell all owned characters and most in-game items.

Users will be able to buy, raise, fight, and earn JOT tokens which can be redeemed for cash in many exchanges. The Jot Art Metaverse supports NFTs from Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In the future, support will be implemented for chains like Polygon, Cardano and others to be used in the same game.

The first game of the Jot Art Metaverse will be Heroes of the Jungle. In the Play-to-Earn game, objects and characters are represented by NFTs on Ethereum or BSC. Each character is a unique work of art and personality that provides access and many benefits in the future. Players can earn JOT tokens during the game and exchange them for cash during exchanges.

Users can trade their NFTs in the Jot Art Marketplace with a wide selection of weapons such as lightsabers, grenades, bullets, next-gen weapons, and in-game real estate. game will be purchased using the JOT token, the native token of the Jot Art Metaverse. JOT tokens are also used for the governance of Jot Art DAO.

The first batch of NFT of the flagship game, Heroes of the Jungle is available at Opensea. Announcements will be made as more items and characters are released. Most of the NFT Jot Art Metaverse will be for sale while others will be free to collect through occasional airdrops.

The KaJ Labs Foundation announced that it is expanding its support for the crypto industry by allocating a $ 105 million to Ripple’s legal defense fund against the SEC and other crypto organizations facing similar lawsuits. KaJ Labs aims to support crypto legal proceedings that will have a positive impact on the entire crypto ecosystem.

“Blockchain companies are resisting public support from Ripple, fearing retaliation and what it could mean for their future endeavors,” Kasr said. “The only way to move forward is to all work together and openly defend crypto. Hopefully, KaJ Labs’ Support provides the resources and confidence for others to come forward and join the fight to save the crypto. “

Native Lithosphere Token $ LITHO was recently launched on Binance Smart Chain with an initial offering of 300,000,000 tokens. The LITHO utility token is used as gas on the Lithosphere blockchain, similar to Ether and Ethereum. It can be used for staking, payments, and network governance. $ LITHO is available for purchase via CrepeSwap and other decentralized BSC exchanges.

About the Lithosphere
Lithosphere is a next-generation platform for decentralized cross-chain applications powered by AI and Deep Learning.

About KaJ Labs
KaJ Labs is a decentralized research organization focused on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. We are determined to create innovative products that work for the greatest good around the world.

Media inquiries
Juliette N.
Telephone: (888) -870-1291
E-mail: [email protected]
KaJ Labs Foundation
4730 University Way NE 104- # 175
Seattle, WA 98105
Website: https://kajlabs.com
Website: https://lithosphere.network


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