Jab Hotspot was like a ‘festival atmosphere’ as Bolton reunites

The district’s clinical leadership of the immunization program compared Bolton’s vaccination efforts to Essa Academy to being like a “festival atmosphere.”

Dr Helen Wall said she had been overwhelmed by the cohesion of the community in recent weeks and loved seeing thousands of people coming together to support the courageous vaccination effort.

Thousands of people have been trapped in an attempt to stop the spread of the Indian variant, with Dr Helen Wall overseeing the army of volunteers.

She said: “It’s been very emotional, but nothing less than what I expected for Bolton. When the going gets tough Bolton gets harder. We’ve been given a lot of trash in this pandemic, but we’re going pass through.

“The atmosphere last Sunday in Essa was amazing. We had St. John Ambulance, CCG staff, volunteers, Federation GP staff – every part of the system was there that day and we all rolled up our sleeves and buried ourselves.

The incredible work of those at the vaccination center ensured more than 3,000 of them received their first dose on a daily basis – which, according to Dr Wall, was a record for that day across the country.

Such was the incredible demand for vaccines, the vaccination bus extended his stay at school yesterday.

Dr Wall added: “There was this huge thunderstorm and we were all stuck in shelters in a school parking lot and we thought it was funny. Everyone was amazing and it was like a festival atmosphere A real community spirit of ‘Let’s get this Done.’

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