IV4 Shares New Atmospheric “Bloom” Video

Today, LA-based alternative singer/songwriter IV4 shares a video for her new single “Bloom” from her eclectic debut mixtape, Get Rich & Cry Trying on Wasted Youth/Warner Records.

Directed by Austin McCraken, IV4 is at the center of this beautifully shot atmospheric video that takes a dark turn as its flower blooms. The song and video embody her emotional state. “Bloom talks about who I am as a new artist, creator, and how I feel about dropping my first project,” says IV4. “Bloom,” a dynamic ode, incites emotion through IV4’s melodic vocals and R&B-influenced beats.”

Get Rich & Cry Trying is IV4’s latest project since signing to Warner Records. Over the course of 2021, she strategically dropped visionary singles from this new mixtape, each demonstrating a new side to her sound. Previously released singles “Work 2 Hard” and dreamy R&B explored on “Swimming”, featuring Trippie Redd.

IV4 was discovered in 2018 after releasing their first song, “Because of Me”, produced by Smash David and SkipOnDaBeat, on social media and garnering tens of thousands of views. With projects like Get Rich & Cry Trying, IV4 proves they’re determined to keep evolving, packing each release full of their thoughtful emotions, unmistakable sense of cool, and unforgettable imagery.

IV4 has a name for its exquisitely moving, shrewd, fluid genre: “alternative contemporary,” and it fits. The St. Louis-born, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and model is undeniably from this ever-changing era, but she’s also always just a few steps to the side of the flow. Part of that is the way she flirts with pop, weaves her way into R&B, and mixes guns with hip-hop, combining those familiar feelings into a fresh take on the modern soundscape.

Part of that is how she derives her raw vulnerability and expression from the different flavors of rock she grew up on. But above all, it is that IV is a holistic artist whose entire presence – aural, visual and beyond – is rich in emotional hues. On a production that is both searing and soothing, she lays down a seductive serenade that focuses on the intricacies of love. Armed with hundreds of journals filled with poems and lyrics, and backed by the team at Blank Square Productions, IV has shared a series of songs that showcase the elasticity of his voice and vibe, the lustful breakthrough of 2018’s “Because of Me” (produced by Smash David and SkipOnDaBeat), to last year’s trap&B bop “Shameless”, to 2020’s dreamy “Swimming”, assisted by Trippie Redd.

IV4’s latest release, Get Rich And Cry Trying, proves that every release is full of thoughtful emotion, an unmistakable sense of cool, and unforgettable imagery.

Watch the new music video here:

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