Is eco-anxiety a reason for euthanasia?

Vancouver man Howard Breen, 68, has requested medical assistance in dying, Canada’s route to legal euthanasia. He is not terminally ill, but he is suffering from extreme mental suffering due to climate change. In 2017, her doctor diagnosed her with clinical eco-anxiety and biosphere-related depression, according to Vice magazine.

“It gets debilitating,” Breen told Vice. “The depression I feel around the state of affairs, and my inability to be apprehensive about the future of my children in particular, is a huge concern for me.”

Breen is an environmental activist and member of Extinction Rebellion. But he insists his candidacy is not a publicity stunt. “But he assured VICE News that having autonomy over his body and a dignified death in the face of impending climate catastrophe is no stunt. He also has the support of his GP, his wife, his two daughters and her son.

He applied for access to MAID in February 2017, but his application was denied because one of the medical assessors did not believe eco-anxiety was an eligible condition.

However, eco-anxiety is said to be real among Canadians, especially after last year’s heat wave and wildfires. Earlier this year, the Climate Change and Mental Health Alliance claimed that the heat wave increased anxiety by 13%.

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