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World Environment Day 2022: Led by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 each year to sensitization on deteriorating environmental conditions and to encourage people around the world to take positive environmental action, to help create a better future.

Human progress over the past century has been accompanied by a massive increase in exploitation natural resources. From climate change and marine pollution to the depletion of flora and fauna, environmental problems have only increased over the decades.


United Nations Conference on Humanity Environmentt aka the Stockholm conference held in 1972 became the first world conference with the environment as its main agenda and it declared the right to live in a healthy environment as a basic human right. Not only was the idea of ​​a World Environment Day formalized there, but also this conference saw the creation of the United Nations Environment Programme.

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World Environment Day, over the years, has become a global platform for people from all walks of life to participate in various campaigns raise awareness of environmental protection. The celebration of World Environment Day is done each year according to a specific theme and slogan that respond to the major environmental concern of the time. It is hosted by a different country each year.

Let’s do our part to make the world cleaner and healthier. (Case)

For example, India hosted the 45th celebration of World Environment Day under the theme “Fight plastic pollution. The celebration of World Environment Day last year also launched the United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030), which is a global mission to revive billions of hectares, of forests to agricultural land, from the top of the mountains to the bottom of the sea.


2022 is a historic milestone as it marks 50 years since the Stockholm Conference of 1972. With Sweden as the host country, the slogan for World Environment Day 2022 is “Only One Earth”, which emphasizes life permanently in harmony with nature.

Today, World Environment Day coincides with the planet facing multiple crises ranging from climate change to the loss of biodiversity and an increase in carbon emissions.

This day is a reminder of the power of people at the local and community level to effect positive change by making better individual choices and monitoring government and corporate policies that harm our biosphere. We have #OnlyOneEarth. Let’s take care of her.

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