Hear examples of global phenomena that occur frequently here!

Examples of global phenomena would certainly be directly related to elements of the natural world.

The geosphere is a layer that includes all the physical and non-physical components of the Earth.

There are elements of the earth’s atmosphere, namely the lithosphere, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the biosphere and also the anthroposphere. The term geosphere is closely related to geography.

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definition and examples of world events

In geography, the geosphere refers to the layer that lies on the earth, whether it is below the surface, on the surface or even above it. The earth layer will be very influential for human life.

This term appears a lot in geography. In order to be able to study the globe, geographers will study physical objects from their point of view.

Approaches include environmental, spatial and regional contexts. For more details, here are some examples of world events on Earth.

Phenomena of the geosphere in the atmosphere

The atmosphere is the layer of the earth’s surface above the earth’s surface. This layer shields the planet from direct solar radiation.

The following are examples of events occurring in the atmosphere:

  • Seasonal changes occur in the terrestrial hemisphere and directly and indirectly affect the life of living beings.
  • The elements of the seasons on Earth change.

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Geosphere phenomena in the lithosphere

The lithosphere is the outermost part or layer of the earth’s crust. We can find terrestrial phenomena in the lithosphere in everyday life, namely:

  • Soil erosion on sloping land.
  • Earthquakes are caused by the movement of the Earth’s tectonic plates.

Geosphere phenomena in the hydrosphere

Literally, the hydrosphere is the layer of the Earth’s surface that includes rivers, seas, lakes, groundwater, and water vapor still present in the air layer.

The following are examples of phenomena in the hydrosphere:

  • There is snow on top of Jaya Vijaya mountain in Papua, Indonesia.
  • The amount of groundwater reserves in the soil will be affected by the infiltration of water into the soil.

Geosphere phenomena in the biosphere

The biosphere is the land surface above the land surface. The elements of the biosphere include earth, air and water which affect life and natural biological processes.

Another meaning of biosphere is all living things on Earth and their interactions. Here are some examples of global phenomena related to the biosphere:

  • There is diversity in food consumption due to differences in flora and fauna in a region.
  • Flora and fauna scattered throughout the hemisphere. This phenomenon may be due to the housing conditions that favor it.

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Phenomena of the geosphere in the anthroposphere

The anthroposphere means man himself. In other words, the anthroposphere is the human layer which is the central theme.

Frequently occurring Anthroposphere events are:

  • Cultural diversity in the hemisphere and the appearance of customs that would influence human life itself, both in the way they interact with their skills.
  • The potential of natural resources is different, so there are different ways to use them.

These are some examples of global phenomena that we often encounter in life. Moreover, there are many other global phenomena that we are unaware of and familiar with in everyday life. (R10/HR-Online)

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