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Guarantee credit

Guarantee credit

A guarantee is a guarantee, ie a guarantee loan. The guarantee credit, also known as guarantee credit, is also credited to your entire credit line. Our conditions are based on your needs.

Guarantee, bank guarantee from 2.20 percent interest rate comparison, bank guarantee, bills of exchange, letters of credit, takeover of guarantees and other guarantees by credit institutions eg own house banks, commercial banks, building societies, central banks,

What is a guarantee facility for?

What is a guarantee facility for?

As a guarantee, also bank guarantee, bank guarantee or letter of credit in the banking business, the assumption of guarantees and guarantees or other guarantees by credit institutions, such. B. Banks and savings banks for banks on behalf of bankers in the credit or on the basis of guarantees. A guarantee loan is actually a guarantee, because a guarantee loan guarantees the financing house bank a third party that the buyer or debtor can actually pay his bills.

The guarantee facility provided by a house bank or a credit institution is a directly enforceable loan amount. If the borrower fails, the address must pay for the price of guaranteed. For this reason, the guarantee facility will also qualify as a guarantee loan for a credit loan business. The guarantee facility is aimed at companies, companies, freight forwarders and trading companies.

This is where the guarantee facility comes in. “Aval” also means the signing of a change by an additional one, which is liable in the same way as the trassat and the temporary exhibitor. For this reason, guarantee loans are often used in the construction industry. Here, the credit institutions will intervene with a guarantee.

The disclaimer for a warranty is shared. On the one hand the house bank is liable as a lender and on the other hand the legal person who has received the guarantee. But only if the claim from the borrowing institution, the house bank or the financial institution can not be redeemed, must take over the financial performance.

Therefore, this document becomes liable to the credit institution only if the borrower is unable to provide the contractual services. Who will lend bonds to Aval? On the issue of guarantee loans or guarantee loans are mainly the own house bank, commercial banks, building societies, universal institutes, big banks and savers a specialized bank active.

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