Give your opinion on the direction of Noosa’s economy

The board reviews Noosa’s local economic strategy to ensure it remains focused and current and seeks input from the community.

Mayor Clare Stewart said the world has changed dramatically since the strategy was adopted five years ago.

“We have to make sure that these long term plans stay up to date in the future,” said Cr Stewart.

“This document is essential to identify where we are applying our economic development effort. ”

“The discussions the board has had with local business groups and business leaders suggest that key elements of the existing strategy continue to resonate with the community and will be retained and built upon. “

The Board has developed a discussion paper that outlines the direction of the revised strategy and solicits feedback from the community.

Centered on the concept of a ‘smart biosphere’, the proposed direction is underpinned by three guiding principles and three key areas for enabling economic growth.

Achieving growth in smart industries, diversifying beyond tourism and population growth, and being globally connected are key principles of the strategy.

These are the concepts and principles on which the board seeks comments.

“I encourage anyone interested in the future of Noosa’s economy to read the discussion paper and answer the survey questions,” said Cr Stewart.

The discussion paper and survey are available at until September 3.

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