Get the right atmosphere at home with the bright library

“We believe that light is the most important part of your interior. With light, you determine the atmosphere of your home, ”says Tineke Beunders, together with her life partner Nathan Wierink, the driving force behind Aptum. The design agency focuses on light in Eindhoven. “With the push of a button, the light can be adjusted to your mood or to the light coming in from outside.

The couple rose to fame with Light Forest, a lamp that grows in space like a climbing plant. Another eye-catcher is the Contour series, which, like Light Forest, is a “graphic representation of nature”. Beunders: ,, We design lighting specifically for each room, tailor-made. It is a compromise between what the customer wants, what they are willing to pay and what we think is suitable for this space. Such a lighting plan can become extensive. We often design for business spaces, hotels or restaurants, but also for individuals.


Little luck that you walked into someone’s house with the same lamp

,, And we always keep a small stock of basic versions out of the box, although these can also be adapted to specific needs. ”Craftsmanship with a shorter delivery time – including clear assembly instructions.

The edition of the base collection is also small: there is little chance that you will enter someone who has the same lamp as you. “You buy our lighting for life: in principle, everything can be dismantled and moved to another house. And when it comes to sustainability, we are now working on a system where you can rent our light up items. Interesting for companies, but we also want to implement it for individuals. A sort of luminous library, so to speak.

A “graphic representation of nature” is the idea behind Contour. The lighting is designed for each room and made to measure.

Contour and Light Forest are custom made. Both lamps are also available ready to use.

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