Galactus may not be a real villain, but Silver Surfer is

Silver Surfer once committed a heinous crime that is far worse than anything Galactus has ever done, and he did it of his own free will.

While it is difficult to imagine Galactus a true villain because he is more akin to a cosmic force of nature, his former herald, the Silver Surfer, once committed a heinous crime that is far worse than anything Galactus has ever done, and he did it of his own free will.

Galactus is known as the Devourer of Worlds because he roams the universe looking for suitable planets to convert into the energies he needs for sustaining. This, however, is not due to the will of Galactus. Before becoming the Devourer, Galactus was Galan, the last survivor of the sixth incarnation of the Multiverse, who was transformed by the Sentience of the Cosmos into one of the fundamental forces of the universe. Galactus’ role as “destroyer” is therefore part of the natural order of the Cosmos, and he is unable to escape his incessant “hunger” because that is the role he must play. Galactus is not without free will but, like the other supreme beings, he is as much a concept as a living creature. His chosen heralds, on the other hand, are mortals to whom Galactus bestows some of his cosmic power, and they generally act on the basis of free will, although Galactus is known to have altered their minds to make them more effective, as happened to the Silver Surfer, who had his sense of morality taken away. After Surfer rebelled against his master, he regained all of his mental abilities and he was overwhelmed with feelings of guilt for leading his master for millennia to inhabited planets for sustenance. Many times Surfer’s past sins almost drove him insane, but on one occasion he did something unforgivable.


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In Silver Surfer flight. 3 #104 (by Mike Lackey, Tom Grindberg, and Tom Vincent), Surfer wanted to end his own life with a final act of redemption, so he went to Lathkolas, a world where the abuse of technology has destroyed the ecosystem. Surfer wanted to discharge his full cosmic power into the planet, revitalize it and heal its biosphere, and in the process extinguish his own life. Soon after he began, however, he realized his power was too much for the world: life forms began to mutate and die, the oceans boiled, the air burned, until until Lathkolas explodes, killing everyone on it.

Silver Surfer Villain Marvel Comics.

Galactus has destroyed countless planets, but his former herald’s actions are far worse. As the Devourer, Galactus plays a part in the cosmic order, so he’s actually trapped in his own tragic fate. Surfer, on the other hand, was driven only by his selfish desires. Unable to bear the weight of his past sins, he did not reflect on the consequences of his actions, blinded by his desire for redemption and forgiveness. Silver Surfer destroyed a world, killing millions of living souls, who died not because they were chosen by fate to be victims of a cosmic force of destruction, but because a demigod crazy alien decided to become their savior. This episode was never mentioned again, which is quite confusing given that Silver Surfer spends most of his time ruminating on his past mistakes.

Because he was Stan Lee’s favorite hero, Silver Surfer is often depicted as a messianic figure, a pure-hearted creature who travels the universe to tip the cosmic scales on the side of good, but he is actually responsible for destruction and genocide on a planet. ladder. Galactus can’t avoid destroying planets to support himself, but Silver Surfer chose to. While Surfer’s actions during his time as Herald cannot be attributed to him, due to Galactus‘ altering his spirit, the destruction of Lathkolas is a sin that will never be blotted out, and he will always do Silver Surfer a worse villain than his former master.

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