Fried reflects on the tumultuous political atmosphere and criticism of DeSantis after the federal search of Trump’s Florida home

A day after former President Donald Trump’s home was raided by the FBI, Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried held a press conference near the Florida Governor’s mansion, where Governor Ron DeSantis lives, the first lady Casey DeSantis and their three young children.

Last night, the governor tweeted, in part, that the search at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach “is a further escalation in the militarization of federal agencies against political opponents of the regime.”

On Tuesday, Fried, a lawyer, statewide elected Cabinet member and 2022 gubernatorial candidate, wanted to reflect on what is happening in the country.

“If we all step back and reflect, we are all saddened to see where we are in history. No one wants to see a former president’s home searched — the first time in American history,” Fried said. “We are more divided today than we have been since the Civil War.”

The Florida Governor’s Mansion. Credit: Florida Dept. of Management Services

As she spoke, the small park near the governor’s mansion was fenced off, with signs citing Florida’s trespassing laws. Vehicles and law enforcement officers were present but did not encroach on Fried’s press conference.

She noted that “we are all expecting answers from yesterday”, but also stressed that “no one is above the law”.

Federal agents executed a search warrant at Trump’s Florida home, Mar-A-Lago, reportedly as part of an investigation into the handling of presidential documents, according to CNN Politics Monday.

Many GOP members were quick to defend the former president on social media, such as Georgia MP Marjorie Taylor Greene Tweeter “DEFUND THE FBI” and the representative of the leader of the American GOP. Kevin McCarthy promising to “conduct immediate oversight” of the Justice Department if Republicans retake the House.

DeSantis’ tweet last night also said that “people like Hunter Biden are being treated with kid gloves. Now the regime gets 87,000 more IRS agents to wield against its adversaries? Banana Republic.

But Fried said on Tuesday: “It hurts me as much as Ron DeSantis – who still hasn’t condemned the Nazis, even after multiple requests to join me. He won’t condemn January 6, but he won’t. has no problem attacking the FBI, an FBI run by a director appointed by Donald Trump.

Fried’s main Democratic challenger for the August primaries, U.S. Representative Charlie Crist, made a similar link on Monday. Twitter:

“DeSantis is attacking law enforcement for lawfully attacking Mar-a-Lago when he has yet to say anything about our state’s heinous Nazis who have rallied in support of him. Moreover, attacking a private company, Disney, for freedom of expression, is about the “banana republic” at best.

Crist served as Republican Governor, Attorney General and Commissioner of Education in the years before becoming a Democrat and is currently a member of the United States House of Representatives in Congress.

At the press conference, Fried also discussed DeSantis’ recent suspension of a duly elected Hillsborough County prosecutor for allegedly refusing to apply criminal penalties to doctors providing gender-affirming care or abortions. , which she called a “politically motivated overreaching of executive power”.

DeSantis’ tweet on Monday night also mentions the 87,000 potential new federal Internal Revenue Service positions looping in a sweeping energy, climate, health care and tax package that the US Senate approved over the course of the weekend. The new positions are expected to assist with tax enforcement and other measures. The United States House must approve the bill.

That said, DeSantis pushed to create his own investigative team for “election crimes” during the 2022 legislative session, despite the 2020 election going well in Florida.

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