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The fact that global pandemics typically last for at least three years determines the historical truth of what happens next. There are lingering issues with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that do not bode well in the short term.

The first topic is to look at the delta variant and the issue of unvaccinated people, keeping in mind their importance before the coming winter in the northern hemisphere and next spring. We are well into our second year of this very strong pandemic, with unknown twists and turns still challenging health systems around the world. COVID-19 is still going strong. However, the obligation to open and remain open is necessary in many parts of the world due to economic demands. But there are events that pose challenges in terms of creating the appropriate response to the rebound of the pandemic versus preventing its continuation.

One need only look at Australia, a country with a brilliant immunization record and specific methodologies for dealing with the pandemic. Yet its current crisis is escalating, with further restrictions on movement and the state of Victoria extending its lockdown. The situation in South Australia illustrates the damage caused by urban epidemics.

Once again, large-scale events, such as sporting events in the UK, call into question a possible rapid recovery. Britain’s ‘Freedom Day’ turns out to be a delta-variant event and should be seen as a case study of mismanagement and inability to maintain order. Human rights policy during a pandemic faces a unique challenge in Britain due to the Brexit factor. The country’s domestic politics helped condemn its recovery. Estimates of what will follow in the UK as a result of government policy, including travel red lists, do not look good. The unvaccinated are increasingly infected, which is obviously a global trend. The way London battles disease, along with other Western democracies, could make or break the speed of economic recovery.

Even with small-scale events, like the reopening of nightclubs for those who are vaccinated, protocols sometimes go out the window. The uncomfortable truth emerges that generations of young people around the world are heading towards a potential Petri dish setting, in which the delta variant spreads far and wide. Add alcohol to the mix and there’s a real problem about to emerge, from the UK to Seattle.

There are more large-scale events on the horizon and that means increased vigilance is needed. Of course, crowd dynamics and disease control go hand in hand. As we have seen with the Tokyo Olympics, adjustments and sacrifices have to be made in order to organize certain events. Others, like the Hajj, are strictly controlled, protecting the holy places from contamination. Another example of a large-scale event is the UAE Expo 2020, but this global festival lasts for six months during the winter season. With proper disease mitigation controls, Expo will be successful. Organizers of next year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar are also gearing up on how best to tackle the virus and its variants. Although in months yet, planning is underway as to how best to cope with such gatherings of people.

There is no doubt that the global presence of the delta variant complicates medical surveillance and requires greater resources to protect human security requirements. The longer the pandemic continues, the more high-tech monitoring and control solutions will be needed. If the pathogen had been treated effectively at the start of the epidemic, the need for such technological solutions would be less dramatic and conflicting. But, because the concept of “freedom from death” is so ingrained in Western societies, such measures are criticized.

It is the double-edged sword in the world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – one that means higher technological demands and data mining to influence and modify behavior in an environment where the individual must coexist with the agent. pathogenic. This type of evaluation first appeared last March, but even today there is a lack of awareness of such a concept. Instead, a conflict of wills over the controversial issue of “freedom” sparks a bitter fight, in which those wary of technological solutions will find themselves increasingly constrained by disease restriction programs such as passports. vaccine. Apps with QR codes are necessary for security and are increasingly important for travel during the pandemic. Combating this tendency only prolongs the misery.

The irony of the above is that we knew all of this information last year, as the dividing lines were quickly drawn. A pandemic creates a toxic ecosystem, in which governance failures, a growing lack of supplies and an increase in deaths and illnesses from malnutrition, especially in countries of the South, are part of the landscape.

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Power Data Buoy Market Size, Growing Diversity of Trends, Analysis, Future Scope Analysis with Major Key Industry Players by 2026 Wed, 21 Jul 2021 20:45:40 +0000

The latest research report on the Powered Data Buoy Market includes an in-depth examination of trends that positively or negatively influence business dynamics. It highlights the key growth propellers and profitable prospects that will increase the industry’s compensation scope over the forecast span, along with limitations and constraints.

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Additionally, the business intelligence report assesses various market segments to help investors identify areas with high revenue potential in the industry. In addition, it thoroughly assesses the competition and highlights the winning strategies of the major players. In addition, it covers the latest information on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic to help stakeholders make the appropriate decisions that will increase revenues in the years to come.

Highlights of the COVID-19 impact assessment:

  • Impact of the pandemic on the global economy
  • Initial and projected effects of the pandemic on business progress
  • Disruptions in the supply-demand chain

Overview of the regional landscape:

  • The major regional contributors of the Powered Data Buoy market are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa, Southeast Asia.
  • The contribution of each major region to the overall market is analyzed in detail in the report.
  • Important facets such as pricing models, returns, overall sales, and growth rate projections for each regional market are included in the report.

Other significant inclusions in the Motorized Data Buoy Market report:

  • The product line of the motorized data buoy market is classified into defense, oil, gas, research and others.
  • Estimates of turnover and growth rate for each product category are provided.
  • The details of the growth rate, market share and production framework for each type of product are explained in the report.
  • The scope of the motorized data buoy market is categorized into military, oil companies, natural gas companies, research institute, and government agencies.
  • The report includes detailed data on the market share held by each application segment along with their growth rate during the forecast period.
  • The main players in the motorized data buoy market are Sound Ocean Systems, Inc, SMARTBUOY, Envirtech Subsea Systems Srl, JFC Manufacturing Co Ltd, Planet Ocean Ltd, Aanderaa, IMBROS, Fendercare Marine, Mobilis SAS, OBSERVATOR, AXYS Technologies Inc., Develogic GmbH, Hydrosphere UK Ltd, MetOcean Telematics, OSIL, Buoyage Systems Australia Pty Ltd, Fondriest Environmental, Inc, Seaview Systems Inc, NexSens Technology, Inc and Setra Systems.
  • The critical details of the products manufactured and the services offered by the major players are hosted in the report.
  • A detailed analysis of the supply chain, from traders to distributors and customers, is offered in an easily understandable way.
  • A detailed study on the investment viability of a new project is carried out using Porter’s Five Forces Analysis and SWOT assessment tools.

Highlights of the Motorized Data Buoys Market Research:

Estimated Revenue and Sales –

Historical revenue and transaction volume are displayed and the supported information is triangulated with the best core and core methods to process market metric of finishing digits and to estimate guess numbers for key areas wrapped in the Powered Data Buoy report alongside the Organized and Highly Perceived Types and Ending. -use industry. Moreover, macroeconomic factors and administrative procedures are explanations uncovered in the advancement of the industry and the insightful examination of the Motorized Data Buoy industry.

Assembly analysis –

The Powered Data Buoy report is currently broken down into different types and applications. The Motorized Data Buoy market gives a section presenting the review of the approved assembly procedure with the help of the essential data gathered through the industry specialists and key authorities of the profiled organizations.

Demand and supply and efficiency –

The Powered Data Buoy report further provides support, production, consumption, and (export and import).

Main points covered in the table of contents:

  • Motorized Data Buoy Market Overview
  • Market competition by manufacturers
  • Market share of production by region
  • Consumption by region
  • Global Powered Data Buoy production, Revenue, Price Trend by Type
  • Global Application-Powered Data Buoy Market Analysis
  • Company Profiles and Key Figures of the Motorized Data Buoy Industry
  • Analysis of the manufacturing costs of powered data buoys
  • Marketing channel, distributors and customers
  • Market dynamics
  • Global Powered Data Buoy Market Forecast
  • Research findings and conclusion
  • Methodology and data source

In a nutshell, the Motorized Data Buoys market report delivers significant statistics on the state of the Motorized Data Buoys industry with a valuable source of guidance and direction for businesses and individuals interested in the market. Ultimately, the Power Data Buoy Market report provides a conclusion which includes the research findings, assessment of the market size, global market share, consumer needs as well as the change in market. customer preferences, the data source. These factors will increase the growth of the business as a whole.

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Eden Ark and calls for tenders for the regeneration of the city center submitted Wed, 21 Jul 2021 19:39:53 +0000

A tender program totaling more than £ 12million that could generate around 620 jobs, support the creation of 400 new businesses and help 3,000 people retrain has been tabled.

On Wednesday, the Devon County Council Cabinet unanimously agreed to support the promotion of 16 projects under a new government funding program that aims to help communities and businesses recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

County Council is bidding for a share of the £ 200million Community Renewal Fund, which was made available as part of a one-year test ahead of the launch of the government replacement for funding of the EU, the Shared Prosperity Fund.

Find out more – Councilors support making temporary changes to Magdalen Road permanent

More than £ 8.5million of the bid is intended for projects in Mid Devon, Torridge and West Devon to help the national leveling program, tackling economic and social inequalities in the hardest-hit disadvantaged communities affected by the impact of the pandemic.

Offers include plans for the regeneration of Tiverton, a feasibility study conducted by Project Eden to examine the potential for creating a new high-quality tourist and food / green attraction at J27 of the M5, and a project focused on addressing and speed – job tracking for people with disabilities in Devon.

Artist’s impression of the Eden Ark for J27 Tiverton

Cllr Rufus Gilbert, Cabinet Member of Devon County Council for Economics and Skills, said: “We received an incredible amount of project ideas from all over Devon and all had to undergo a rigorous evaluation. to make sure they met the community’s criteria. Renewal Fund.

“As we seek to rebuild better after the pandemic, the projects selected to move forward in our offering have the potential to provide targeted support to foster a strong economic recovery.

“This process is also important in showing how Devon can work together to provide funds on behalf of the government, ahead of the launch of the largest Shared Prosperity Fund next year.

“We have submitted a strong program offer of 16 projects, all of which can have a positive impact in our county and we believe they all fully deserve government support. There is no doubt that the government fund will be oversubscribed and there will be fierce competition from across the country, but we believe that if our offer is successful it can make a real difference.


1. Devon County Council – Devon Agri Tech Accelerator – £ 503,318.59 – Building on Devon’s Natural Capital, an innovative project led by Devon County Council that will help farms diversify and innovate, and the sector at large to work together.

2. The Biosphere Foundation CIC – Biosphere – £ 1,350,140.00 – An integrated economic and environmental development program, led by the Biosphere Foundation, which seeks to take advantage of the rural and coastal natural capital of Torridge and North Devon, as well as the recently remobilized Appledore shipyard

3. Mid Devon Mobility – Stronger Together – £ 500,449.68 – A hybrid social transport / employment project, led by the Mid Devon Mobility VCS partnership, working with people from harder to reach backgrounds in rural areas to access employment opportunities in the public transport sector.

4. Devon County Council – Retrofit Skills and Business Accelerator – £ 995,284.28 – A retrofit training project led by the Retrofit Foundation, promoting associated employment opportunities through a blended learning approach.

5. Serco Limited – Engage the Company – £ 795,171.00 – A new self-employment support program from Serco, which introduces additional innovative products and approaches to support those who can thrive in self-employment.

6. Petroc – Promoting innovation and business – £ 500,939.00 – A project that seeks to use new digital technologies (AR, VR, MR) and knowledge transfer to accelerate innovation and empowerment. skills in North Devon companies.

7. Petroc – Innovation for Youth and Community – £ 503,074.00 – Led by PETROC College in partnership with North Devon partners, a project to fill gaps in existing services for young people and the community to create a unique program that will support rural / coastal Devon youth to return to work and learning.

8. Devon and Cornwall Training Providers – Digital Devon – £ 585,200.00 – A digital skills and training project, led by the Devon and Cornwall Training Provider Network in partnership with the HotSW DSP, aimed at aligning current digital skills and the training offer, as well as promoting the training of the trainer and the deployment of intermediate-level digital skills

9. School for Social Entrepreneur – Devon Enterprise Support for Social Enterprise – £ 649,369.76 – A targeted social entrepreneur project led by the Dartington School for Social Enterprise, aimed at supporting people interested in starting their own social enterprise in the most difficult to reach regions / disadvantaged areas.

10. Devon County Council – Devon Elevation Fund – £ 1,174,928.00 – A Devon County Council-led delegated grant scheme that will support business innovation and agility, creating new jobs, new products and enabling for local businesses to play a more active role in building better and improving local economic resilience.

11. Devon County Council – Ability not Disability – £ 601,134.00 – A project focused on treating and accelerating the employment of people with disabilities in Devon.

12. Project Cosmic – Velocity – VCSE Devon – £ 500,034.92 – A social enterprise support program offering business support, training and peer group development that builds resilience and innovation in the social sectors. volunteering, community and social enterprises.

13. YTKO – Devon Start and Grow – £ 1,050,000.00 – A business / enterprise support program that will support the development and rapid monitoring of micro-businesses to seize post-pandemic opportunities

14. Mid Devon – Reconnecting Tiverton – £ 1,365,201.00 – A regeneration and renewal project within Mid Devon, led by the District Council, which aims to strengthen and improve the resilience of its main market town , Tiverton.

15. Eden Project – Eden Grounds – £ 250,000.00 – A feasibility study conducted by the Eden Project, examining the potential to create a high quality new visitor and food / green attraction at J27 of the M5.

16. West Devon – West Devon Rural Recovery – £ 922,339.00 – A West Devon Council-led Natural Capital / Visitor Economy / Employment Project which will support the renewal and expansion of the tourism offering in the West Devon.

Earlier this year, organizations were invited by the County Council, which has been chosen by the government as the main authority in Devon, to present their ideas for innovative projects to help revive the local economy. The aim was to find initiatives that invest in skills and employment opportunities, support the growth of local businesses and help local communities become more resilient and sustainable.

In the report to the firm, Keri Denton, Head of Economics, Business and Skills, added: “The bid submitted consists of 16 individual projects seeking funding of £ 12.25million. It supports the priorities set out in the Devon Team’s Economic Stimulus Handout and the Council’s broader goals to support better outcomes for vulnerable people and communities. The offer complements the investment program of projects submitted under the Leveling Up Fund.

Cllr Alan Connett, leader of the Liberal Democrats, said: “This is an exciting opportunity and I hope all offers are successful, and if all of this happens it will be a good day for Devon.”

Cllr Rob Hannaford, leader of the Labor group, joked that the projects could be “removed from the Labor manifesto”, but added that he welcomed the emphasis on supporting young people.

The Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) will now review bids and an announcement on successful bids is expected next month.

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]]> 0 South Africa: more needs to be done to tackle toxic chemical emergency in Umhlanga Wed, 21 Jul 2021 09:17:19 +0000

Today the prosecutor visited the Umhlanga region in Durban, where I witnessed the devastation caused by a toxic cocktail of chemicals released into local water bodies and the atmosphere from the UPL warehouse. based in Mumbai. The warehouse was attacked in riots last week and has been burning and releasing toxic waste ever since. I was accompanied on my visit by local DA advisers Rory Macpherson and Nicole Bollman, who were able to provide additional context to the situation.

Over the past week, the warehouse released a mixture of bright blue chemicals into rivers that flow into Umhlanga Lagoon and from there into the ocean. I saw the bright blue liquid flow into the river today as teams of contractors scrambled through the mud to try and contain some of it. We saw bags of dead fish being carried by trucks to two separate parts of the beach and environmental groups informed me that the lagoon was indeed “dead”. This lagoon has formed an essential part of the important local ecosystem for thousands of years, including the surrounding forest biosphere. The long-term impact on other animals in the forests is a serious cause for concern.

Along with the devastation caused by the release of toxic chemicals into river systems, there is ongoing concern about the toxic airborne chemicals being released into the atmosphere by the raging fire. Local residents have been breathing these rancid fumes since the start of the blaze, but there does not appear to be a sense of urgency on the part of the municipality to put out the fires. The fires at the plant were still burning today, despite a press release from the ministry saying they would be extinguished by today. A brief visit to the Umhlanga fire station around 11 a.m. uncovered two large fire vehicles and a number of other inactive response vehicles. Should the urgency of the situation certainly see more of these vehicles involved in extinguishing the fires? An IQ Air air quality reading at Durban City Hall ranks the air quality in the region as “unhealthy” and recommends wearing masks and refraining from swimming. ‘outdoor exercise.

A central question remains how the warehouse itself was allowed to function in the first place and store such highly hazardous substances in an area so close to an ecologically sensitive biosphere. It is essential that we establish the chain of events that led to the warehouse green light to operate from this building and whether the official procedure was followed. If an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has indeed been carried out, as it should have been, then we need to know who carried it out and why no effective emergency measures were apparently put in place. place to deal with the consequences of a building fire.