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There are other ways to save money on Black Friday – and they don’t involve waking up at dawn or buying discounted items at the big box stores.

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Black Friday is a popular shopping day for bargain hunters. In fact, the National Retail Federation predicts that 115 million people will shop on Black Friday 2022, with an additional 64 million the following Monday.

If battling those kinds of crowds isn’t your cup of tea, there are other ways to save money on Black Friday – and they don’t involve waking up at dawn or buying discounted items at big box stores.

Economic measures for Black Friday to do now

Want to create extra cash without riding the Black Friday storm? Here are five money-saving strategies that can help.

  1. Consolidate debt
  2. Review your insurance coverage
  3. Improve your credit score
  4. Refinance your mortgage
  5. Refinance your student loans

1. Consolidate debt

If you have multiple debts in your name, such as a credit card, car loan, or Personal loanfor example — then you might consider combining them using a debt consolidation loan.

With a debt consolidation loan, you’re essentially consolidating all of your debt into one loan balance. You apply for the loan and, once approved, use those funds to pay off your other debts and credit cards. In the end, you only have one loan and one monthly payment left.

Often, debt consolidation loans come with lower interest rates than credit cards and other types of products. If this is the case with yours, you could also benefit from smaller monthly payments and fewer long-term interest charges.

You can start saving money with a debt consolidation loan now by answering a few simple questions online.

2. Review your insurance coverage

If it’s been a while since you changed insurance companies, it’s probably time to do a little comparison. This applies to car insurance, life insurance, animal insurance and any other type of insurance policy you may have.

To get started, review your existing policies to make sure the coverage you have is still adequate. Then, get quotes from a few other insurers, making sure to set the same coverages, deductibles, and other details (so you can compare apples to apples).

Finally, check this discounts offers each insurer. Sometimes you can reduce your premium Not bad by having multiple policies with one insurer, settling your bills on autopay, or simply working in a certain field or industry. Once you have all of these details in place, you can compare quotes and choose the most affordable coverage.

You can get a new life insurance quote online now. Or use the table below to shop suppliers to find your best deal.

3. Improve your credit score

When you have a high credit rating, lenders are more likely to lend you money at an affordable interest rate. So if you plan to open new accounts or take on new short-term debt, try increase your credit score first. The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rate and the more you can save.

You can get a free credit report now by clicking here.

Start paying off your debts as much as possible. You should also dispute any errors you find on your credit report, as this can also help boost your score. Generally speaking, the best interest rates go to borrowers with scores between 700 and above.

4. Refinance your mortgage

If you are the owner, a mortgage refinance could help you in three ways. First, if you are currently paying for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), refinancing could help you get rid of it. This would lower your monthly payment and increase your cash flow.

Also, if your current interest rate is higher than current rates, you may be able to lower your interest rate (and your monthly payment).

Finally, you can also opt for a cash refinance, which allows you to turn some of the equity in your home into cash. Essentially, you replace your mortgage with a larger loan and get the difference back as a cash payment. You can use these funds to repair your house, buy Christmas gifts or anything else you might need.

You can start the online mortgage refinance process today by answering a few simple questions.

5. Refinance your student loans

Student Loan Refinance are similar. By refinancing your private student loans, you may be able to get a lower interest rate than you’re currently paying (especially if you have a higher credit score than when you applied). This would lower your monthly payments and interest charges over the life of the loan.

Keep in mind that you can also consolidate student loans. This can be a good idea if you have several student loans, all with high interest rates. Consolidation would facilitate payments and may even reduce overall costs.

And remember: any potential student loan forgiveness will only apply to federal student loans. If you have private student loans you are not going to qualify.

So think about refinancing now and start saving money!

Another advice

Using reward credit cards can also help you save money while on vacation. These cards often help you accumulate points based on where and how much you spend. You can then use these points for gifts or even convert them into cash to pay off your card balance.

If you choose to use this strategy, be sure to shop around for your card. Credit card benefits vary greatly and some may also incur fees.

]]> Help shape the future of our Sunshine Coast biosphere Wed, 23 Nov 2022 01:00:50 +0000

  • Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Are you a local resident and passionate about protecting and enhancing the future of our region?

If so, now is the time to consider applying for one of the three positions on the Sunshine Coast Biosphere Community Advisory Group.

The Community Advisory Group is made up of an independent chair and up to 14 community members representing a wide range of backgrounds and interests in our Sunshine Coast community.

Biosphere Community Advisory Group chair Will Shrapnel said expressions of interest are now open to up to three new members.

“Each of these three roles represents specific areas of interest to complement our existing members,” Mr. Shrapnel said.

“This includes education, social/health and small business, helping our group to remain representative and reflective of our diverse Sunshine Coast community.

“Our biosphere designation signals to the world that we are a community that values ​​our natural environment and that as a region we will take a balanced and sustainable approach to the opportunities and challenges we face as our region continues to grow. .

Mayor of Sunshine Coast Council, Mark Jamieson, said the Community Advisory Group plays an important role in providing essential information and ensuring the community remains actively engaged in implementing our biosphere.

“Our designation as UNESCO Biosphere is a significant achievement for our region that Council and the entire community can be proud of,” said Mayor Jamieson.

“As we continue the process of understanding and applying what it means to us to be a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, we remain committed to seeking additional input and perspectives from a range of groups through through the Sunshine Coast Biosphere Community Advisory Group.”

There are several ways for residents to submit their expressions of interest for the three Sunshine Coast Biosphere Community Advisory Group positions:

  • Email it to:
  • Drop it off at the main reception of the council administration buildings in Caloundra, Maroochydore or Nambour
  • Send it to:
    Bag locked 72
    Sunshine Coast Mail Center
    QLD 4560

Completed expressions of interest are due by 5 p.m., Monday, December 5, 2022.

For more details and to download an expression of interest package, visit the council’s website


Biosphere reserves are areas of terrestrial, marine and coastal ecosystems that are managed with the aim of balancing the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources. The planning and management of biosphere reserves relies on the participation of the local community and interested stakeholders. The World Network of Biosphere Reserves includes 738 biosphere reserves in 134 countries.


  • The World Network of Biosphere Reserves spans 134 countries
  • About 257 million people live in biosphere reserves around the world
  • The World Network of Biosphere Reserves almost the size of Australia
  • There are only five biosphere reserves in Australia, including the Noosa and Great Sandy Biosphere Reserves along the southern Queensland coast.*
New JWST data reveals more details about exoplanet WASP-39b’s atmosphere Tue, 22 Nov 2022 16:18:45 +0000

New results from the JWST Transiting Exoplanet team reveal a full menu of atoms and molecules that make up exoplanet WASP-39b’s atmosphere, including the first photochemical byproduct detected on an exoplanet.

Early results from observations of WASP-39b with the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), reported in August, included the first unequivocal detection of carbon dioxide in an exoplanet atmosphere. At the time, the team noted an interesting feature in their results but had yet to identify the molecule responsible for it.

Now they have identified the “mystery molecule” as sulfur dioxide and determined that it is produced by photochemistry – chemical reactions in the atmosphere caused by light from the planet’s host star, similar to the formation of ozone by photochemical reactions in the earth’s atmosphere.

“The discovery of photochemistry in the atmosphere of a ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanet like WASP-39b is important, allowing us to test our photochemical models and opening up new avenues of investigation,” said Natalie Batalha, professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at UC Santa. Cruz who leads the JWST Transiting Exoplanet Early Release science team.

The team reported their latest findings in a series of five new papers, three of which are in press and two are in review. They observed the planet as it passed in front of its host star, which allowed them to analyze the starlight transmitted through the planet’s atmosphere, using spectroscopy to separate the light into its component wavelengths. and reveal the “fingerprints” of the molecules that make up the planet’s atmosphere. atmosphere.

“We see an array of atoms and molecules in WASP-39b’s atmosphere, including sodium, potassium, water, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and the mystery molecule, sulfur dioxide. “, said Batalha. “The process used to identify molecules also gives us information about element abundance ratios – such as carbon to oxygen and potassium to oxygen ratios – which are tracers of planet formation processes.”

The chemical inventory of WASP-39b suggests a history of collisions and mergers of smaller bodies called planetesimals to create a possible goliath of a planet.

“The abundance of sulfur [relative to] hydrogen indicated that the planet likely experienced a significant accretion of planetesimals that may provide [these ingredients] to the atmosphere,” said Kazumasa Ohno, a postdoctoral fellow at UC Santa Cruz who worked on the Webb data. “The data also indicates that oxygen is much more abundant than carbon in the atmosphere. This potentially indicates that WASP-39 b originally formed far from the central star.

The results also showed evidence of patchy clouds in the exoplanet’s atmosphere.

WASP-39b is a hot gas giant exoplanet from Saturn orbiting very close to its host star. Its close orbit and high temperature are typical of the abundant “hot Jupiter” class of exoplanets. The planet’s proximity to its host star – eight times closer than Mercury is to our Sun – makes it a laboratory for studying the effects of host star radiation on exoplanets. A better knowledge of the star-planet connection should lead to a better understanding of how these processes create the diversity of planets observed in the galaxy.

The team obtained transmission spectra during four transits of WASP-39b, using three different instruments on JWST: NIRSpec (in two different observing modes), NIRISS and NIRCam. This gave transmission spectroscopy data covering infrared wavelengths from 1 to 5 microns.

“The broad wavelength coverage provides a more complete picture of conditions in the atmosphere,” Batalha said. “In addition, each transit observation yields a planetary spectrum at distinct but overlapping wavelengths, allowing us to test the reproducibility of each instrument.”

The spectra from different instruments were consistent in the regions of overlap. All instruments performed at or above expectations, which is good news for astronomers planning future observations. This includes probing the atmospheres of smaller rocky planets like those in the TRAPPIST-1 system.

The following articles from the JWST Transiting Exoplanets Early Release Science Program are currently available online:

Plate tectonics, seafloor propagation and more! Mon, 21 Nov 2022 12:43:00 +0000

In 1998, Marie Tharp was named one of the greatest cartographers of the 20th century on November 21 for her phenomenal work. She unlocked the mysteries of the ocean and is known for proving theories of continental drift.

She is also known as the pioneer of plate tectonics. Find out what you know about the vast ocean floor and its rifts and valleys with this quiz!

Q1. What is seabed propagation?

1. It is a process that includes mid-ocean ridges continually adding new material to the ocean floor.

2.This is a process in which mid-ocean ridges add just 1 inch of new material to the ocean floor about once a decade.

3.A process of something.

4. Spreading of the seabed.

Q2. What are mid-ocean ridges?

1. Mountains in the ocean

2. Things Underwater

4. A range of mountains rising from the bottom of the ocean.

5. Mid-ocean ridges.

Q3. What are deep ocean trenches?

1. Deep holes in the ocean.

2. Deep underwater canyons.

3. Canyons

4. Things in the water.

Q4. What is the process by which the ocean floor sinks below a deep trench and back into the mantle?

1. Subduction

2. Continental Drift

3. Plate tectonics

4. Subduction

Q5. What is sonar?

1. A unit of measurement.

2.When you measure something.

3.When you microwave something.

4. It is an equipment that uses sound waves to detect the distance of an object.

Q6. What three types of evidence have geologists found for seabed propagation?

choice of answers

1. One, two, three

2. Ocean floor material, drill samples, magnetic tapes.

3.The bottom of the ocean, water and land.

Q7.The ridges form the longest mountain ranges on Earth are longer than what mountains in America?

1. Appalachia

2. The Rockies

Q8. Which two geologists in 1952 started working on a map of the ocean floor?

1. Marie Tharp and Bruce Heezen

2.Anthony Barringer and Marie Tharp

3. Bruce Heezen and Anthony Barringer

4.There weren’t two it was only one and it was Marie Tharp

Q9. What else have scientists discovered about mid-ocean ridges?

1. A valley at the top of mid-ocean ridges.

2. A hole

3. None of the above

Q10. What is the supercontinent that existed a long time ago?

1. Large lot

2. Pangea

Answer 1. It is a process that includes mid-ocean ridges continually adding new material to the ocean floor.

Expansion of ocean floors:

  • The process of seafloor spreading is a geological process where tectonic plates that form large slabs of the earth’s lithosphere tear apart.
  • Due to spreading seafloor, the ocean floor renews itself every 200 million years.

Answer 2. A range of mountains rising from the bottom of the ocean.

Mid-ocean ridges:

The region where new ocean crust is created is called the mid-ocean ridge.

Answer 3. Deep underwater canyons

Ocean trenches:

  • Long, narrow depressions on the seabed are called ocean trenches, which are the deepest parts of the ocean.

Answer 4. Subduction:

When an oceanic plate meets a continental plate and slides under it, the phenomenon of subduction occurs.

Rep. 5. It is a piece of equipment that uses sound waves to detect the distance of an object.


A device that uses sound waves to measure the distance to an object is called Sonar (Sound Navigation and Ranging or Sound Navigation and Ranging). This technique is generally used underwater, as in underwater navigation, to navigate, measure distances (distance), communicate with or detect objects on or under the surface of the water.

Answer 6. Material from the ocean floor, drill samples, magnetic tapes.

Answer 7. The Rocky Mountains:

The Rocky Mountains, also called the Rocky Mountains, is a mountain range and the largest mountain system in North America.

Answer 8. Marie Tharp and Bruce Heezen:

Marie Tharp was an American geologist and oceanographic cartographer who, together with Bruce Heezen, developed the first scientific map of the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

Answer 9. None of the above answers

Answer 10. Pangea:

It is the most recent supercontinent to have existed and the first to have been reconstructed by geologists.

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Community input sought on Richmond River estuary plan – The Echo Mon, 21 Nov 2022 11:37:03 +0000

What can be done to protect and improve the health of the Richmond River estuary?

This is the focus of a new strategy developed by the Rous County Council (RCC) on behalf of its member councils, which cover much of the Northern Rivers region.

Duck Creek, part of the Richmond River estuary. Image courtesy of Rous County Council

And the RCC is now asking the community to get involved by providing feedback on the first stage of the plan, a Stage 1 scoping study.

The central principle of the strategy is a whole watershed approach to caring for the estuary.

The Richmond River catchment extends from the Queensland border in the north, from the Tenterfield and Clarence Valley council areas in the west to the Clarence River catchment on its southern border. Inclusion of the whole watershed in the CMP will provide a whole watershed perspective for the coastal management process and capture all issues and activities that impact the health of the estuary.

The scoping study identifies knowledge gaps, outlines how the overall plan – known as the Coastal Management Program – will be developed and how the ongoing process of community engagement will be conducted.

To download the scoping study and provide your comments, visit

Closing of submissions at 5 p.m. on Friday, December 9, 2022.

SoFi Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:SOFI) Receives Consensus “Buy Moderate” Recommendation From Brokerages Mon, 21 Nov 2022 06:39:50 +0000

Shares of SoFi Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFIGet a rating) received a consensus “moderate buy” recommendation from the fourteen brokerages that currently cover the business, Market Beat Ratings reports. Five equity research analysts gave the stock a hold rating and seven gave the company a buy rating. The 12-month average target price among brokerages that have covered the stock over the past year is $11.69.

Several brokerages have recently commented on SOFI. Seaport Res Ptn reiterated a “neutral” rating on SoFi Technologies shares in a Friday, September 9 research report. Bank of America upgraded SoFi Technologies from a “neutral” rating to a “buy” rating and raised its price target for the stock from $8.00 to $9.00 in a Wednesday, September 14 research note . Bank Of America (Bofa) upgraded SoFi Technologies from a “neutral” rating to a “buy” rating and raised its target price for the company from $8.00 to $9.00 in a Wednesday 14 research note. september. Goldman Sachs Group cut its price target on SoFi Technologies from $8.50 to $7.50 and set a “neutral” rating on the stock in a Wednesday, November 2 research note. Finally, Credit Suisse Group raised its price target on SoFi Technologies from $8.00 to $8.50 and gave the company a “neutral” rating in a Wednesday, August 3 research note.

SoFi Technologies shares down 3.7%

Shares of NASDAQ: SOFI opened at $5.18 on Monday. The stock has a market capitalization of $4.81 billion, a price-earnings ratio of -10.36 and a beta of 1.57. The stock has a fifty-day simple moving average of $5.38 and a two-hundred-day simple moving average of $6.09. SoFi Technologies has a 12-month low of $4.77 and a 12-month high of $21.10. The company has a current ratio of 2.23, a quick ratio of 2.23 and a debt ratio of 0.88.

Institutional investors weigh in on SoFi Technologies

Institutional investors have recently changed their stake in the company. Riverwood Capital Management Ltd. acquired a new stock position in SoFi Technologies during the first quarter worth approximately $207,873,000. State Street Corp increased its stake in SoFi Technologies shares by 76.6% during the second quarter. State Street Corp now owns 11,686,894 shares of the company valued at $61,590,000 after purchasing an additional 5,068,034 shares during the period. Vanguard Group Inc. increased its stake in SoFi Technologies shares by 7.8% during the third quarter. Vanguard Group Inc. now owns 66,808,733 shares of the company valued at $326,027,000 after purchasing an additional 4,846,633 shares during the period. Point72 Asset Management LP increased its stake in SoFi Technologies shares by 35,197.2% during the third quarter. Point72 Asset Management LP now owns 3,509,722 shares of the company valued at $17,127,000 after purchasing an additional 3,519,722 shares during the period. Finally, Banco BTG Pactual SA acquired a new position in SoFi Technologies during the first quarter worth approximately $18,467,000. 38.19% of the shares are held by hedge funds and other institutional investors.

SoFi Technologies Company Profile

(Get a rating)

SoFi Technologies, Inc provides digital financial services. It operates through three segments: lending, technology platform and financial services. The society’s lending and financial services and products allow its members to borrow, save, spend, invest and protect their money. It offers student loans; personal loans for debt consolidation and home improvement projects; and home loans.

Featured articles

Analyst Recommendations for SoFi Technologies (NASDAQ: SOFI)

This instant news alert was powered by MarketBeat’s narrative science technology and financial data to provide readers with the fastest and most accurate reports. This story was reviewed by MarketBeat’s editorial team prior to publication. Please send questions or comments about this story to

Before you consider SoFi Technologies, you’ll want to hear this.

MarketBeat tracks daily the highest rated and most successful research analysts on Wall Street and the stocks they recommend to their clients. MarketBeat has identified the five stocks that top analysts are quietly whispering to their clients to buy now before the market spreads…and SoFi Technologies wasn’t on the list.

While SoFi Technologies currently has a “Moderate Buy” rating among analysts, top-rated analysts believe these five stocks are better buys.

See the five actions here

2022 Midterm Election – The Ukiah Daily Journal Sun, 20 Nov 2022 16:55:05 +0000

As I write this, Democrats have retained control of the Senate, even with Georgia heading to a runoff. The House GOP will have a very slim majority. The election results were lower than I expected, but better than I feared, as the red tsunami never materialized. In a November 10, 2022 Daily Kos article, Thom Hartmann described a possible reason.

World history can be seen as a progression of expanding society, organized first around families, then larger groups of tribes, regions and finally nations, including more people at each stage. In the birth of America, Thomas Jefferson noted that each generation brings new people to power, changing the perspective of what society should support. This was expanded in 1997, by Strauss and Howe in “The Fourth Turning”, who recognized that every fourth generation, about 80 years old, the world faces a massive crisis, both economic and political, caused by the limitations of previous generations. Dealing with this crisis is transforming society for the better.

For example, the American Revolution empowered common people in response to the tyranny of elite royalty, but the right to vote was limited to white men. Four generations later, the Civil War ended slavery and the economic structure it supported. Four generations later, women won the right to vote, and the end of World War II saw the rise of the middle class. Today, four generations later, our country and our planet are once again in crisis.

Several states are reverting to Jim Crow racism. American students are saddled with trillions in debt. Our country is flooded with more weapons than people. Wealth inequality is extreme, with media concentration funded by billionaires pumping out prejudice, hatred and lies. Homelessness is everywhere and affordable health care is scarce. Our biosphere is shredded, with critical insect species on the verge of extinction, threatening our food supply. Carcinogenic and hormone-distorting chemicals, as well as microplastic particles, pollute our bloodstream. Finally, the climate is warming up, threatening the foundations of the global economy.

All of these problems stem from rapacious, exclusive gain capitalism, the lifeblood of the Republican donor base. With no financial incentive for change, the GOP embraced extremism and fear to maintain political power, with no plan for progress, only for revenge. Based on history, the GOP expected a decisive victory this election. Despite their best efforts and spending billions of dollars, the fact that they failed in this goal is heartening. One way to read the midterm election result is that the extremist strategy did not play well with the voting public, especially with young people.

Broken down by generation, baby boomers (over 65) skewed the GOP by about 13%, and the youngest (45-64) skewed the GOP by 11%. Millennials (30-44) were roughly evenly split, but Gen Z (18-29) became 28% Democrats, which made the difference. By 2024, the two youngest generations will outnumber the oldest almost 2 to 1, which is why the GOP is so frantic to suppress the vote.

It is no coincidence that young people are more concerned about the climate crisis, as they will live long enough to see the real impact in their lives. It also fits with the idea that society is moving towards greater inclusion. The climate problem is global, affects everyone and requires a global solution. Nothing less will do.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, the reality of the world is oneness, and exclusive short-term gain is bankrupt suicidal fiction. We can no longer indulge in this fantasy because there are too many of us, and our whims are now amplified by technological powers previously attributed only to the gods. We must mature or die. All over the planet, more and more people are beginning to understand and experience this.

I worked in earthquake research, studying sudden physical changes, which encouraged my eager expectations of social change. But transformation is difficult and cumbersome, much like transforming a very large ship at sea. We transform on-board programming, modeling, and stories whose roots go back generations. Although these are often not for our own benefit, they shape the world we live in, defining our reality.

However, a fundamental tide is turning, perhaps barely noticeable at this time. But I take comfort in the unity of reality, as expressed in the climate issue, which cannot be denied and must be embraced.

Crispin B. Hollinshead lives in Ukiah. This article and previous articles can be found at

The Qatar World Cup begins in an atmosphere of rumbling and angry defiance Sun, 20 Nov 2022 08:00:00 +0000

Gianni Infantino was just beginning his 57-minute rant when two Qatari officials slipped unnoticed into an already stunned Doha theater hall.

The important-looking pair, in traditional dress and flanked by security, sat emotionless in the dress circle above. Not even a raised eyebrow from the two men in the shadows, even as Infantino, a heterosexual father of four, exclaims: ‘Today I feel gay’.

His ensuing press conference monologue on whatabouteries in the face of global criticism lasted so long that both men were gone with his closing remarks: “blame me, not Qatar”.

But Infantino had said enough in his snarling act of defiance – accusing the West of “racism” and “hypocrisy” – to maintain an aggressive new edge on the eve of this surreal World Cup.

Years of not responding to human rights criticism had failed miserably to mitigate the condemnation. So does Infantino’s pleading letter to competing nations to “stick to the football” instead of pulling on their OneLove armbands.

Yet, with all face-saving options exhausted, Fifa and Qatar have clearly decided to go on the offensive in unison. On Friday, aides close to the Emir of Qatar delivered what was described as the first “f— you” demanding a last-minute beer ban.

Then on Saturday came Infantino’s incendiary attack on Europe, and on Sunday the baton is handed over to Qatar, which plans another explicit message to the West in a lavish opening ceremony.

The Emir was directly involved in crafting the pre-game curtain raiser which Telegraph Sport said cost more than the Super Bowl halftime show this year.

Over £10million has been spent creating a show in which Robbie Williams is set to join South Korean singer Jung Kook. But Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani’s priority appears to be ensuring the curtain-raiser is a chance for the country to show how it should be perceived on the world stage.

“Be as critical as you want at the opening ceremony”

A show in which characters portray Doha as a place where Western and Middle Eastern nations can meet was directed by Marco Balich, a veteran of several Olympic opening and closing ceremonies.

Unlike Infantino, Balich says he’s happy to tackle controversies head-on. “I invite you to exercise as much judgment as you wish during the ceremony,” he told Telegraph Sport. “Will it live up to all the criticism? No. Because it’s a celebration of the sport, but in a way it will set a trajectory. I think that’s an interesting statement.”

Unlike previous World Cup opening ceremonies – including Diana Ross’ infamous missed penalty kick in 1994 – Balich says there will be an overt political message. “It was really a precise brief from the Supreme Committee of Government to say ‘we want to have a ceremony with content, values, everyone is equal'”, he added.

“There will be a dialogue between two very different personalities, one representing the Middle East and the other representing the Western world. And they will have a great exchange. I cannot divulge the name, but it will be a moment of real exchange. So I think it’s really interesting. Both are very, very, very particular characters.”

An extravagant ceremony was one of the reasons why in August the start of the World Cup was brought forward a day in a late change – to give the show a bigger viewing slot. So much depends on the pre-match event for Qatar. “Management wanted to get this message,” Balich added. “This story is 30 minutes long. So it starts at 5:40 p.m. local time, we run for 30 minutes, then the teams warm up.”

Balich has been working on the series for over a year. However, the sudden willingness of Fifa and Qatar to spend will have taken years to prepare. Tony Blair was serving his final weeks in government when the Emir’s predecessor, Hamad bin Khalifa, met Sepp Blatter, then Fifa president, and discussed a World Cup final for the first time in the small Gulf State at a dinner party.

Origins | Carnegie Science Fri, 18 Nov 2022 06:43:48 +0000

How did life appear on Earth? Where did its building blocks first grow – in the superheated salt water near vents on the high seas or in the vast ice caps covering the primordial oceans? Or did life on Earth evolve from carbon-based molecules transported here billions of years ago by comets and asteroids? Reconstructing the key transition processes between a non-living chemical state and a living biological state is a long-standing scientific challenge. Solving this mystery would arguably be the most important breakthrough of our time.

Carnegie scientists have redefined humanity’s understanding of life in the universe: from our cutting-edge investigations of the evolution of communities of simple microbial lifeforms in the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park to our probes of the molecular machinery responsible for translating genetic material into vital elements. proteins, and from our pioneering observations of exoplanets to our partnerships with NASA on missions to Mercury and Mars.

Over the past few decades, biologists and physicists have built and harnessed new tools and concepts that allow us to robustly address fundamental scientific questions about the origins of life on Earth, including how the biosphere, the geosphere, the atmosphere and the hydrosphere have co-evolved. The answers to these questions have implications for the basic biology of our own species and the ability of life in general to adapt to a changing planet, while fueling our exploration of the potential for life on other planets.

Personal loan applications for rising debt consolidation, report finds Thu, 17 Nov 2022 21:20:15 +0000

In these unpredictable times, flexibility is key, especially when it comes to borrowing money for the things we need most. In a pinch, personal loans can be used to cover a number of things, from wedding expenses, surprise medical bills, to major home repairs or funeral expenses.

Debt Consolidation can also be a particularly strategic way to use them, as the process allows borrowers to better organize their debts and typically involves a lender sending funds to creditors on your behalf. Consolidating debt through a personal loan also allows borrowers to benefit from a lower interest rate while they repay the loan, which saves a lot of money over the life of the loan. .

A recent study by LendingTree reported that between the third quarter of 2021 and the third quarter of 2022, applications for personal loans in general increased by 12.3%, while applications for personal loans to use for debt consolidation increased by 29.1% during this period.

The report highlighted the increase in annual percentage rates, or APRs, coinciding with interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve as the main reason for the recent spikes.

Below, Select details what you can do if you want to take out a personal loan for debt consolidation purposes.

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How to apply for a personal loan

Before applying for a personal loan, you will want to check your credit score. Although there are several lenders, such as Reached and OneMain Financialwho will always consider borrowers with low credit ratings or one poor credit historyyou may have to pay a higher interest rate. However, those with higher credit scores will generally have to pay a lower interest rate.

Beginner personal loans

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

  • Purpose of the loan

    Debt consolidation, credit card refinancing, marriage, moving or medical

  • Loan amounts

  • Terms

  • Credit needed

    FICO or Vantage score of 600 (but will accept applicants whose credit history is so poor that they have no credit score)

  • Assembly costs

    0% to 8% of target amount

  • Prepayment penalty

  • Late charge

    Greater of 5% of monthly amount past due or $15

OneMain Financial Personal Loans

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

  • Purpose of the loan

    Debt consolidation, big expenses, emergency expenses

  • Loan amounts

  • Terms

  • Credit needed

  • Assembly costs

    Flat fee from $25 to $1,000 or percentage ranging from 1% to 10% (depending on your state)

  • Prepayment penalty

  • Late charge

    Up to $30 per late payment or up to 15% (depending on your state)

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Next, you’ll want to determine how much money you actually need to borrow. If you are consolidating debt, simply add up all of your balances to get a total.

While the smallest personal loan amounts — with a lender such as PenFed Credit Union, for example – tend to start around $600, minimum amounts closer to the $1000 mark are often more common. Be careful not to ask for more than you need, as you will eventually have to pay back all the money.

PenFed Personal Loans

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

  • Purpose of the loan

    Debt consolidation, home improvement, medical bills, car financing and more

  • Loan amounts

  • Terms

  • Credit needed

  • Assembly costs

  • Prepayment penalty

  • Late charge

Next, you’ll want to do your homework by researching and compare rates, fees and conditions from different personal loan providers. Some lenders will let you check your rate without hurting your credit score before you even apply.

Ideally, you’ll want to go with a lender that offers a low interest rate with no fees (or the least amount of fees) and a term that best fits your budget. LightStream and Marcus of Goldman Sachs are each known to offer personal loans with no origination fees, late fees or prepayment fees.

LightStream Personal Loans

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

    5.99% to 21.49%* when you sign up for autopay

  • Purpose of the loan

    Debt consolidation, renovation, car financing, medical expenses, marriage and more

  • Loan amounts

  • Terms

  • Credit needed

  • Assembly costs

  • Prepayment penalty

  • Late charge

Marcus by Goldman Sachs Personal Loans

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

    6.99% to 24.99% APR when you sign up for autopay

  • Purpose of the loan

    Debt consolidation, home improvement, wedding, moving and moving or vacation

  • Loan amounts

  • Terms

  • Credit needed

  • Assembly costs

  • Prepayment penalty

  • Late charge

When you decide which lender you want to go with, submit your application and wait for approval, which can take anywhere from one to a few days. After that, just wait for the funds to be paid out.

With debt consolidation, lenders will usually disburse money directly to up to 10 of your chosen creditors – you only need to provide their information and how much money each needs to be sent. This way, you will simply be responsible for reimbursing your personal lender.

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