Farm Arts Collective will present the last installment of DREAM ON THE FARM

Farm Arts Collective, an ensemble of artists and farmers (they call themselves perfarmers) will premiere their brand new performance of Dream on the Farm on August 4 at their home in Willow Wisp Organic Farm. The performance designed by the ensemble will last 5 performances until August 8.

Farm Arts Collective Artistic Director Tannis Kowalchuk is a longtime theater designer and co-owner of Willow Wisp Organic Farm (the farm is located in Union Square and Grand Army Plaza Farmers Markets). She attracted and trained an ensemble of more than 25 actors, musicians, stilt walkers and writers, many of them farmers, to create original in situ performances.

The collective operates in a theater hall located in a greenhouse at Willow Wisp Organic Farm and was founded as an agricultural organization in 2018 with the mission of intersecting agriculture, entertainment, food and ecology as that is a vital practice for the community. .

Kowalchuk and the ensemble are committed to presenting a decalogue of plays on climate change from 2020 to 2030 titled Dream on the Farm. This August will be the second part of the series on the theme of climate change.

The story of Dream on the Farm 2021 follows the journey of two scientists, Carl Sagan and Lynn Margulis, deceased American scientists who were, at one point, married. The microbiologist and astronomer, played by Jess Beveridge as Margulis and Hudson Williams-Eynon as Sagan, are brought together in a boxing ring by a head referee played by Tannis Kowalchuk to participate in a sport in which the ‘referee challenges them to “help save lives”. on the planet.”

The adventure follows the two scientists who are tasked with taking a competitive investigative trip through the farm with the public in tow. Microbiologist Lynn Margulis encounters microbe in farm compost pile; a fungus on a rotting log; a hungry, exhausted butterfly singing its lament in a field of flowers; and a corn escaping the monoculture of an industrial farm. Across the farm, astronomer Carl Sagan meets Atmosphere, a beatnik in a greenhouse smoking a hookah; the Hydrosphere, a dancing wading bird that sets off a storm; and Sonny, a man who designs a way to escape planet Earth, like a billionaire space explorer (except he’s not a billionaire).

The performance, filled with original music performed live by musicians and composed by ensemble composers Doug Rogers and Rima Fand, draws on themes that explore the world through two lenses – the microscope and the telescope. The competition ends with scientists presenting their findings to the judges in a climate dance of ecology, and the results deliver a message about climate change that is urgent and poignant.

The Dream on the Farm show runs August 4-8 at the Farm Arts Collective on Willow Wisp Organic Farm at 7 p.m. ET.

Tickets online at

Location: 38 Hickory Lane, Damascus, PA 18415

917-566-7698 for more information

Farm Arts Collective Creative Team:

Tannis Kowalchuk (Artistic Director), Mim McGurl (Dramaturg, Co-Director), Melissa Bell, (Screenwriter) Manon Manavit (Screenwriter / Dance Director), Rima Fand (Composer), Doug Rogers (Composer), Hudson Williams-Eynon (writer / actor) Jess Beveridge (actor / production manager) Sue Currier (costumes) Ace Thomas (technical director) Ginny Hack (actor set director)

Actors-creators: Jess Beveridge, Marguerite Boissonault, Michael Chojnicki, Gregg Erickson, Annie Hat, Karen Hudson, Julia Kerhely, Tannis Kowalchuk, Daniel Lendzian, Jessica Lopez-Barkl, John Roth, Gary Silien, Bobby Skotch, Hudson Williams-Eynon, Stefanie Worker

Musicians: Pam Arnold Max Carmack

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