Eternals: 10 things only comic book fans know about Kingo

When comic book characters are adapted for the big screen, there will inevitably be changes – whether those changes relate to their origin story, the character himself, or whether his story is simply updated away from outdated themes. In the Eternals movie, the Kingo that appears onscreen is actually quite different from its comic book counterpart.

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While both characters are a bit impulsive and like to be the center of attention, that’s largely where their similarities end. The Kingo from the comics comes from a different place, uses a different skill set, and even has different relationships with other Eternals. There are a lot of interesting elements of his past in the comics that moviegoers might not be familiar with.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Eternals.

ten Kingo doesn’t appear until Eternals # 11

Kingo in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

at Jack Kirby Eternals began its run in 1976. For the first issues of the series, however, only a handful of the main characters made an appearance. In fact, Ikaris was the only Eternal to appear in the first issue.

Some of the more famous Eternals – like Kingo and Phastos – wouldn’t make their comic book debut until much later. Kingo appeared in the eleventh issue of this first series, but Phastos only made his comic book debut in the next volume of Eternals began its run almost a decade later.

9 Kingo has the same abilities as Ikaris

Ikaris in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

The Kingo of the Marvel Cinematic Universe projects explosions of energy from his hands. While this is certainly a useful skill, he doesn’t pack as much of a punch as fellow Eternal Ikaris, who radiates energy from his eyes, steals, and is generally more durable in a fight than the rest of the team.

While Ikaris is more proficient in various skills, in the comics all of the Eternals derive their power from their ability to manipulate their own cosmic energy. If he chose to train, Kingo could also project energy, fly, create illusions, or even teleport like in the comics.

8 Kingo prefers to fight without his eternal abilities

Kingo uses energy blasts in Eternals

Kingo’s energy projections in the MCU may not make him the strongest Eternal, but they are a useful ability. Unlike most of the Eternals he knows from the comics, Kingo does not prefer to use the powers an Eternal gives him in a fight.

Instead, Kingo prefers to demonstrate his skills in melee or with his trusty sword. It’s a stark contrast to most of the other Eternals who specifically rely on their best abilities in a fight.

7 Kingo is from Japan

In the movie, the Eternals find out that they were created by the Celestials in the World Forge. It’s not as drastically different as their modern comic book stories would suggest. In the comics, most of the Eternals who reside on Earth come from one of two places: Polaria or Olympia. They are even resuscitated thanks to special machines in these cities. Kingo, however, is neither.

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Instead, his story “born” him in Japan, living in an isolated eternal colony that is not much explored. Kingo has lived in Japan for centuries and trained as a samurai, which is why he prefers his sword and physical skills to his powers.

6 Phastos made his sword for him


Kingo’s sword is not only the sword of the garden variety used by the samurai, but he could probably make one work in his favor as well. Kingo’s sword is forged for him by his compatriot Eternal Phastos. Phastos is not only a fan of technology and weaponry. He’s one of the smartest Eternals and knows all kinds of things, including metal. No matter what material Phastos uses for Kingo’s sword, he can literally cut anything. That’s a good reason Kingo never wants to part with them.

5 She’s an action star

Kingo reunites with Makkari and Ikaris in Marvel comics

Kingo in the MCU embarked on a very long career in Bollywood cinema. He does dramas and musicals and even has audiences convinced that he is the latest in a long line of actors, although he really is all actors himself. It’s similar to his comic book life when he lived as a civilian.

The difference was that he hadn’t acted in Bollywood movies. Instead, he made a name for himself as an action hero in Japanese cinema. Kingo used the skills he learned as a samurai and his love for storytelling to build a career in the country he called home.

4 Kingo is one of the only Eternals to use a surname

Because most Eternals spend their lives apart from humanity, they generally do not engage in the custom of having a last name or changing their last name when they get married. Instead, they use their name and where they came from to refer to their family history. The only time they take surnames is when they have pseudonyms while trying to live as humans. Kingo is a little different.

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For some reason, Kingo goes by the surname Sunen when he lives his life as Eternal or as a civilian. There has never been an explanation as to why, although it likely made it easier for him to have a career outside of being an Eternal.

3 Kingo chooses the land

Modern Kingo in Marvel Comics

Much like in the MCU, the Eternals on Earth reach a point where they must choose between the planet and the Heavenly Legacy. Kingo refrains from conflict because, as much as he loves Earth, his faith in the Celestials is strong. He doesn’t want to fight his friends on both sides. While some of these Eternals decide to search for other Eternals in space, a group remains on Earth to live their lives.

In the comics, the Eternals who stay on Earth do it because they want to protect the planet. This is where Kingo chooses to be. This is not someone who has an interest in traveling to distant planets or meeting other Eternals because they have a home on Earth.

2 Kingo and Druig rarely get along

Druig in the movie Eternals and in Marvel Comics

Druig is an Eternal who always wants to do things his own way, whether it’s in the comics or the MCU. In the comics, this tends to put him at odds with a lot of people and sometimes makes him the villain of the story. He and Kingo don’t get along because Kingo never trusts Druig.

In fact, when Kingo and Druig crossed paths in the 13th century while Druig was traveling with the Mongolian army, Kingo believed that Druig was using his abilities to influence the fighters, helping them grow their empire and put lives at risk. It turned out he was wrong. When the Eternals suspected one of their own of sabotaging the resurrection machines in the modern age, Druig was Kingo’s prime suspect – but he was still wrong.

1 Kingo goes to seek help from the deviants

Marvel Comics Deviants

Deviants have their own society, isolated in the kingdom of Lemuria, where they can exist far from humans and the Eternals. After thousands of years of conflict between the Deviants and the Eternals in the comics, the former have decided to stick together to avoid further bloodshed. When the Eternals learned the truth about the resurrection machine, they realized that the Deviants might have had the good idea to go into hiding.

For each Eternal resuscitated by the machine, a human life ends. The outright destruction of the machine is not an option, and it disrupts the Earth’s biosphere when Phastos tries. Kingo and several other Eternals decide they want to learn how to completely isolate themselves from humanity to prevent them from causing more damage, so they turn to their former enemies for advice. It’s a bold move for the group as they’ve always seen themselves as heroes.

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