Employment of Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Earth and Environmental Sciences at UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ASIA

(Ranking based on qualifications and experience; possible consideration at Associate or Full Professor level for outstanding applicants)

department: School of Arts and Sciences

Duty station: Khorog, Tajikistan

Deadline: July 1, 2022 (open until sold out)

Start date: August 1, 2022

University of Central Asia (UCA)

UCA was founded in 2000 by the governments of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, and His Highness the Aga Khan, ratified by their respective parliaments and registered with the United Nations. Conceptualized as a regional university, UCA was established to provide an internationally recognized standard of higher education in Central Asia and prepare graduates to contribute their leadership, ideas, and innovations to the region’s transitioning economies and communities. UCA campuses are located in three underserved secondary cities (Tekeli, Kazakhstan; Naryn, Kyrgyzstan; and Khorog, Tajikistan). Programming is also offered through the University’s satellite learning centers in Dushanbe, Tajikistan; Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan and Faizabad, Afghanistan.

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES), School of Arts and Sciences, offers a B.Sc. in Earth and Environmental Sciences. Faculty members conduct research on climate change, natural hazards, water resources, surficial geology and geomorphology, agriculture and food security, socio-economic aspects of earth sciences and the environment and geochemistry and petrology with an application to mineral resources and the geodynamic evolution of mountain ranges. . The department is based at the Khorog campus in Tajikistan.

Description of the program

The academic program combines the student-centered environment of a liberal arts college with the intellectual excitement of being at the frontiers of knowledge offered by an emerging research university. The language of instruction for undergraduate studies is English. You will teach small classes and provide students with personal attention to ensure they master and apply the material. UCA’s interdisciplinary Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) program aims to create leaders in various sectors and scholars who can pursue graduate studies abroad. The program integrates the study of environmental science, earth science, and related social systems. The successful candidate is expected to be active in research and will have the opportunity to work with students and pursue research relevant to Central Asia.

Main responsibilities

UCA is recruiting two teacher-researchers in the Earth and Environmental Sciences program. Hires are targeted at the assistant professor level, but exceptional candidates will be considered at the associate professor level. Doctoral students, who have completed everything except their thesis, can be considered as lecturers. We wish to fill two interdisciplinary niches, which should complement and interact in research and teaching programs and encompass the geosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere and the biosphere. The areas of recruitment are:

Physical geology and land surface processes

The School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Central Asia invites applications for a position in the broad field of physical geology, with expertise in several of the following areas: sedimentary geology, stratigraphy, structural geology, geomorphology and earth surface process. We are particularly interested in a researcher who can contribute to undergraduate teaching in the areas of field geology, general geology, sedimentology, sediment resources and geodynamics. Expertise in remote sensing and GIS applied to earth sciences is welcome.

The successful candidate will teach various undergraduate earth science courses, bridging theory and practical applications in geosciences. Opportunities exist to establish active research and outreach collaborations within and outside the university and to develop internationally recognized research programs with other colleagues.

Water and the environment

We are looking for a versatile environmental scientist, physical geographer or hydrologist, interested in teaching courses in environmental science, environmental impact assessment, climate change, natural hazards, atmospheric science, cryosphere science, environmental communications and hydrology. Applicants interested in cold region hydrology and the cryosphere in a changing climate, which can link climatic factors to hydrological response in the context of land management and dynamic landscapes, are encouraged to apply. The ideal candidate should also possess practical skills in remote sensing, geographic information systems and spatial analysis, with an emphasis on how recent innovations in remote sensing fit into sustainable land management methods. environment.

Minimum qualifications

  • Assistant Professor and above: PhD in an appropriate field of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Lecturer: Master’s degree in an appropriate field of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Fluency in English is required, knowledge of Russian or local languages ​​is an asset

Desirable attributes


  • Ability to work independently, as well as within a teaching team; flexibility and the ability to work in a new and changing university environment is essential.
  • Teaching experience in Central Asia or a developing country would be an asset.
  • A demonstrated commitment to teaching undergraduate students.
  • Experience using innovative teaching and assessment methods.

To research

  • A publication record of original research in high-quality peer-reviewed journals.
  • Regular contributions and participation in relevant international professional conferences.
  • Experience in conducting research in Central Asia would be a valuable asset.
  • Aware of current and future industry and development trends; strong network of regional and international contacts.
  • The ability to attract funding for research projects is a definite asset.

Salary and package

Depending on qualification and experience to attract the best candidate.

How to register

To apply for this position, please visit the AKDN Career Center (hyperlink to be created)

At the application stage, you must submit the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • up-to-date resume
  • List of published works and link to Google Scholar profile
  • List of at least three references who can comment on your teaching/research experience
  • Educational assessments (if applicable)

For more information on academic programs at UCA, please visit

Only selected candidates will be contacted.

Consult other job offers on: http://www.ucentralasia.org/About/CurrentVacancies

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