Ed Sheeran denounces the toxic atmosphere of the American Galas

British Ed sheeran He’s against toxic American culture.

Considered one of the most prolific pop singer-songwriters of his generation, Ed Sheeran doesn’t need a façade to maintain his international status.

That’s good because Sheeran doesn’t have a tongue in his pocket. The singer does not utter his words in an interview with julia show, while denouncing the toxic atmosphere of American festivals, including the most prestigious Grammy Awards.

The room is full of resentment and hatred towards everyone and it’s an uncomfortable atmosphere. All artists are good people, but they have footnotes (…) an artist surrounded by ten people, an artist surrounded by ten people, and everyone seems confused. It’s not just MTV (…) It’s all the others too, Billboard, Grammy, AMA (…) It’s full of people who want to see others fail and I don’t like that “” Confidently releases Ed Sheeran in the interview.

Sheeran also believes that the contrast in attitudes between the United States and Europe in terms of competitiveness between artists is staggering.

In England our parties are as if everyone gets drunk and everyone doesn’t care who wins or loses. It’s just a nice walk “Ultimately.

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