Ecuadorian coast hit by 5.8 magnitude earthquake damages buildings

A huge loss was suffered by the property when a 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit the Ecuadorian coast on Saturday. Not only buildings were damaged, but also various electric poles and streetlights on the highway also fell due to the destructive earthquake. Although 5.8 on a Richter scale is a moderate magnitude for earthquakes, considerable material loss has been suffered.

The earthquake occurred in the coastal region of Ecuador with a depth of 40 km or 25 miles. The European Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC) said the epicenter was 9 km south-southeast of Esmeraldas, Ecuador. But a few minutes later, the same organization also revealed that the earthquake does have the ability to damage buildings but will not lead to a tsunami due to its low magnitude on Richter.

News of the earthquake broke when several photos and videos of the disturbed buildings and poles were shared on the internet. After the earthquake, videos and photographs uploaded to social media showed partially collapsed buildings and minor damage inside a hospital. Another video showed the quake rocking buildings and a car, which spooked dogs on the street. The images have not been authenticated by Reuters. No injuries were reported at the time.

The intensity of the earthquake was high enough to affect the capital Quito as well. Although no human damage or casualties were reported. Various local media also revealed that the earthquake happened around 11:28 p.m. Talking about the specifics of the earthquake, its telluric motion was precisely located at 0.99 degrees north latitude and 79.75 degrees west longitude.

It was also realized that the tremor of the earthquake could be easily traced from the sea region which is very close to the coastal beach where the earthquake originally occurred. Due to the disruption of buildings and power poles, power cuts were also carried out in various parts of the city. However, in Esmeralda, residents are being asked to evacuate their homes which were affected by the earthquake.

The earthquake outside Esmeraldas was also felt in Quito. The wave-like movements of lamps and curtains were generated, which led so many people to believe that the earthquake was long and strong. The quake also reached Bata, Santo Domingo and other nearby areas. In addition to the same after 11 minutes of this earthquake, another 3.9 magnitude earthquake was felt in a nearby area.

An earthquake (also called quake, tremor or tremor) is the shaking of the Earth’s surface caused by a sudden release of energy in the lithosphere, which results in seismic waves. Earthquakes can range in size from those that are too small to feel to those that are powerful enough to knock things and people through the air and destroy entire cities.

The number, nature and size of earthquakes experienced in a given area is called seismicity or seismic activity. Seismic non-seismic rumble is also called tremor. Earthquakes cause shaking and move or disturb the ground on the Earth’s surface.

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