Echoes of the Atlas update adds new killer boss and other endgame content

Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas has been officially revealed, and it looks like one of the biggest updates to the game yet. Much of the expansion focuses on the free-to-play action-RPG endgame, adding new environments to tackle, new passive skill trees, and an all-powerful ultra-tough boss known as by The Maven. You can check out a new trailer for Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas, below.

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And here’s a deep dive into all of the expansion’s new content …

Here’s a little more detail on what’s included in Echoes of the Atlas (patch 3.13):

The Maven

When the Ancient One was sealed, entities far beyond the borders of the Atlas of Worlds took note and turned their attention in our direction. The first such visitor is an entity called The Maven. She is hungry to witness your fight for survival against the most dangerous enemies of the Atlas. Accept his challenge to test your talents and mortality. If you prove yourself worthy of it, she will give you a taste of her immense power.

  • By killing three map bosses in the presence of the Maven, you will earn an invitation to her realm where she will ask you to defeat those bosses simultaneously. After demonstrating your strength, she challenges you to defeat four bosses, then five, then six, and finally ten at the same time. Only then can you take on the new Atlas boss, the Maven herself.


  • Unlock Atlas Passive Trees – Take control of your Atlas by unlocking regional passive trees that increase the content you encounter and the rewards you receive while exploring these regions.
  • Explore new maps – 11 new challenging maps and boss encounters have been added to the Atlas. These include unforgiving new locations such as the Dry Sea, Forking River, Frozen Cabins, and the Grave Pit.
  • Play the Ritual League – Ritual is a fighting league that pits you against both the mysterious powers of the Ritual Altar and the growing waves of monsters, locked in a Ritual Circle. Each successive ritual in an area is more difficult and offers better rewards.
  • Wield powerful new items – One of the characteristics of a Path of Exile expansion is its items! In addition to new craftable Watchstones, the Maven Orb, and many types of Ritual Bases, we’ve also introduced the Hydrosphere Skill Gem, the Trinity Support Gem, 13 new unique items, and a host of divination cards designed by our supporters.
  • Three types of watch stones to make – These valuable end-game items allow you to upgrade your Atlas and increase the types of rewards you find on maps. Players able to earn these powerful rewards will find that they are strictly better than regular Watchstones: they can be traded, do not expire with use, and their perks can stack.
  • Orb of the Maven – Affects items that have two or more influence modifiers. When used on such an item, it randomly improves one of these influence modifiers and removes the others. If the modifier that is being upgraded is already at the highest level, it will upgrade to a new high level.
  • Choose your harvest – The harvest has returned. Instead of having to plant and manage your own holy grove, you’ll find portals to established gardens with multiple crop sets ready to go. For each pair of options, carefully weigh the difficulty of the encounter versus the manufacturing results before making a choice.
  • Plan the perfect heist – The heist contracts fall from Act Six. Thieves upgrade their skills faster, markers drop with higher stack sizes, and Quest Contracts are now dropped for you in the Next Smuggler’s Cache as soon as this quest becomes available.

Path of Exile is out now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The Echoes of the Atlas expansion will launch for PC on January 15 and consoles on January 20.

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