Dr. Dennis McKenna to Host Landmark Symposium on Live Psychoactivity

On the 55th anniversary of the original program presented by the United States government in 1967, the McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy welcomes its first Ethnopharmacological research of psychoactive drugs (ESPD55) event May 23-26, 2022. Seen by hundreds of thousands when held in 2017 (ESPD50), this year’s event is thoughtfully curated by Dr. Dennis McKenna and features over 30 sessions exploring the potential of ethnopharmacology for humanity.

The live streams will cover a four-day program organized by life-centered themes or spheres: ARCHEOSPHERE, ETHNOSPHERE, FAUNASPHERE, HYDROSPHERE, MYCOSPHERE, NEUROSPHERE, PHYTOSPHERE, SOCIOSPHERE, SONOSPHERE. Esteemed speakers include Monica Gagliano, Mark Plotkin, Elaine Elisabetsky, Andrew Weil, Wade Davis, Paul Stamets and David Nutt. They will be joined by other innovators who will meet in the UK at St. Giles House in Dorset. Topics on the program include how psychedelics can change the future of mental health therapy, how ancient knowledge can inform scientific discovery, what sustainability means for herbal medicines, and other relevant areas of psychoactive study. .

The Academy will also present its first documentary: BioGnosis: bridges to AAncestral wisdom. The film follows an Academy project to preserve valuable and therapeutic plants threatened with extinction at a vital facility in the Peruvian jungle. Called Herbarium Amazonense, it not only houses nearly 160,000 specimens, but they are all digitized to serve generations to come.

The symposium begins at 09:00 on the 23rdrd of May and ends at 8:00 p.m. on the 26th of May (GMT).

Admission to the livestream is through a minimum contribution of $10. Everyone is welcome.

Contact: [email protected]



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