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A behavioral study published by Georgia State University tested the theory that humans resist change and stick to previously learned behaviors rather than adopting new information, which hampers our development of new and more effective strategies for solve problems. Psychologists call this cognitive bias, an unconscious process of “Clinging to what we already know to be true, what is familiar and embedded in our memories, can sometimes lead to biased, distorted, or irrational decision-making.”

Scientific findings regarding climate change:

1754: Creation of the first CO2 detector.

1856: Eunice Foote, an American scientist, discovers that CO2 and water vapor cause the air to heat up. She presented her findings to the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

1896: Svante Arrhenius builds the first climate model correlating the burning of coal and the increase in CO2.

1912: publication of Popular Mechanics, “The Effect of Coal Burning on Climate.”

1957: State Revelle and Suess “human beings are currently conducting a large-scale geophysical experiment” in an article examining the absorption of CO2 by the oceans.

1988: Climatologist James Hansen testified before the Senate that the climate was warming and that we were responsible for it.

1990-2021: The first report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change notes that the pattern of past warming and future warming are likely. The second report provided evidence of human influences on the climate. The third report provided new and stronger evidence that we are causing climate change. The fourth report notes that the warming of the climate system is unequivocal. The fifth report indicates that our influence on the climate is clear. The sixth report unequivocally indicates that human activity has caused widespread and rapid changes in the atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.

By NASA, “The scientific method is iterative (repetitive), which means that climatologists constantly make new discoveries about the world based on the building blocks of scientific knowledge.”

Today, scientists claim that human influences are causing the climate to change ≈ 170 times faster than historical natural climate cycles. Time is running out, but we still have time to set aside our prejudices and work on the problem. We can save humanity if we become focused on strategies for cu

Science provides the ideas and governments implement the solutions. If we don’t listen to science, Earth’s next intelligent life form might conclude that the extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by an asteroid, but the extinction of the human race was caused by their greenhouse gases. biased, distorted and irrational greenhouses and financially protect those affected by the transition to clean energy.



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